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  1. Hi, Marcos! I've acted as your post suggest. Before doing that, I've also also used the Anti-theft website to notify this computer is not lost (just in case the emails are being sent daily when no reply from user is detected). Then I activated the logging, powered off the computer, loggen on (as my password-protected user), disabled logging and then checked my email to make sure there was a new email from Eset Anti-Theft. Then I used Eset LogCollector to collect logs of almost all. I'm not very happy about publishing here such complete logs of my computer, since they will
  2. Hi! I use Eset Anti-Theft since many years ago, so I am familiar with the phantom account scheme used by Eset. What I can't understand is why the phantom account is logging in each time I power on my computer. I get a daily email about suspicious activity because when I boot my computer on my standard user (say, "User1"), the phantom user (say, "UserFake") is logged in. Is it a bug? Is Windows 10 not logging off the accounts when you power off the computer? How can I close that user account without logging in it? Yours, José Spain.
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