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Problem with distributor

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Hi, I cant seem to find a proper place to post so let me know a proper place.

We have a problem with a distributor contacting end clients directly and offering better prices. We tried to talk to them that the clients are ours, that they don't have a right to contact them directly. They do not seem to understand that. We lose clients and profit because of that. So we are left with offering our clients a competitors antivirus solution or getting a new distributor that does not undermine us.

Where could we get help with that?


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9 hours ago, gointern said:

We lose clients and profit because of that

it is called "competition"  and it is specific to free market.

You cannot keep a customer "hostage" to make profit......

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unless there's a specific  contract between you (your company) and your clients that forbids them from changing the program or getting a new offer without notifying you, there's nothing you can do.
a customer can select a preferred application whenever they want and when they deem it will cost them less.

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You can drop me an email that that they used to contact your customers or some other proofs / communication for investigation. I see that you reported this "issue" in the past, we requested a kind of proof but none was provided. That said, at this point we can't tell if the action taken by the distributor was ok or not although I believe there were no bad intentions behind.

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