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    tommy456 gave kudos to peteyt in Steam client causing Spam filter;Limited Direct Cloud connectivity.   
    I did get the same alert I believe yesterday and I believe it was at the same time I'd opened steam but it went off straight away. Haven't been able to reproduce as of yet though
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    tommy456 gave kudos to Hpoonis in Whats with the WIN7 o/s out of support nag   
    Microsoft are intent on relegating the desktop PC into a -poor child of their crappy surface tablet.  There is little or no point in promoting all this geoloating twaddle on a PC which is, for the most part, quite static in its movements.  Laptops are not that mobile really,  except for business types.
    Windows 10 is dire, intrusive, bland.  If Linux could offer me better gaming options I'd blow windows out the door and not waste a minute more on it.
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    tommy456 received kudos from rubyjb in Install in windows 7 ultimate 64bit   
    With respect Marcos, my input was not what will happen in the future but was regarding the present , and i was suggesting a method that the OP could instal the product that they may well of paid for ,  but why is eset abandoning  sha-1? Are they just in cahoots with MS or is there a real security  risk ?
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    tommy456 received kudos from stackz in B&PP not working Firefox 70   
    Working ok for me here win 7 x64 ,same browsers /version and module
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    tommy456 gave kudos to Marcos in EIS started blocking Outlook POP3s recieving   
    We've reverted the Cryptographic support module to the previous version while the issue is being investigated and a solution prepared. You should now have version 1028.2 of the module which didn't cause the issue.
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