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  1. Hi Charlie, How this "unmanaged computers" where added? * by active directory * by Rogue Detection Sensor * added manually by ip
  2. hi, In the EBA portal, look for under 1 name 2 or more listed computers, deactivate all who doesn't have the green "ok" tick. That should lower your seats to the correct number. In the other hand, If the computers ESET Agent reported previously "ok", you can send a "installation Agent task" but remember to always mention the IP of the "ESET Protect". Let us know how goes your case.
  3. Hi, Added to above, I suggest to look into the shorcut link address, time ago some Adware add a internet address to the browser launch command line. Also if is clean, do a reset of your affected browsers just in case (previous backup of any important data there).
  4. Hi, Sure. Policy > actions > new > settings > user Interface > star mode > Silent > Assign target client > check > finish. Silent: No notifications or alerts will be displayed. Graphical user interface can only be started by the Administrator.
  5. Hi @Mauricio Osorio If you are using our console ESET Protect you can deploy a Policy to set the user interface to only the icon with no access to any menu. About intefaces: ESET Endpoint - User interface elements - Help ESET As test I suggest you try the policy in a nearby PC before make the final deployment. Let us know the results.
  6. Hello @Imran Sarker, As @Marcos pointed you have to follow the instructions on your previous post on monday. The forum is not intended to this matter, please contact through the proper channels and guides.
  7. @sksksk Ok, Then I suggest you open a ticket with support so they can ask you to gather the needed information to find whats going on.
  8. hello, @sksksk and @Gamtat, still have this problem today?
  9. Hello @Cap-it As @MichalJ pointed the fast way is to use the search box in the upper right corner to find an specific section within the producto configuration. Also, can you be more specific in what you trying to achieve/goal with this new policy?
  10. hello @elle To keep your settings and make the easy the update you can go to "Updates" and hit to search for any updates and new versions. If a new versión is not show just wait, will be there soon. Even is you don't do anything our last versions of Home product has an auto-update related to the version. After install you just will be ask to reboot the system from inside ESET. Note: I don't know if your country has an special setting by ESET, so far in my region what I say happens.
  11. Hello, @TomTomTom and @IT-KAV As @Marcos pointed, what you do and mention is a "workaround" not the solution for the problem. In order to find the root of the problem and find a permanent solution, we need logs to investigate. Please increase the verbosity of the logs and wait for the issue to reappear, if need contact more speed or dedicated team I suggeest contact your local ESET support to open a ticket.
  12. Hello @TomTomTom Please reset the firewall to default and be sure is on "Automatic mode", then restart the computer. Let us know if the issue was resolved or not.
  13. Hello @Aim2018 As you posted in the "Business Section" I'm going to guess you are using "ESET Remote Administrator" or "ESET Security Management Center" (correct me if I wrong). You can use the link below, and for MS Windows Server operation System, you should use "ESET File Security for Windows Server" when you have to choose the Security Product. See steps at: "ESET Security Management Center" https://help.eset.com/esmc_smb/70/en-US/deployment_package_installation.html?deployment_package_creation.html ESET Remote Administrator https://help.eset.com/era_smb/65/en-US/?deployment_package_creation.html Let me know if this help you, also is good to give us some data about what you have installed of ESET. Regars, Gonzalo A.
  14. Hello @TheSkymanDC In this case I suggest you contact your local ESET Support, they will ask for some logs related to the communication between your network and ESET Servers. When you contact them, please mention the following to speed up the process: your license public ID (sequence of letters and numbers like "A1b-c2d-e3d", quantity of seats (PC) affected, screenshots if you can What step you try to solve the problem if you try some ESET KB guides, mention them What ESET Software you are using ("ESET Remote Administrator v6.x" or "ESET Security Management Center v7.x"? Other important details you think is valid to mention. Regards Gonzalo A.
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