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  1. Hi @johnnybon I'm not expert on server, however do you try to got some logs data using our tool ESET Log Collector? https://support.eset.com/kb3466/?viewlocale=en_US
  2. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Auto Renew - Can't turn off

    Hello @stevehank, Can you please elaborate/explain a little further? I think I know what you are talking about, but I want to confirm first. What you mean with "autorenew"? Please if can provide us with an screenshot. What region of the globe you are?
  3. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Need help activating the product which i bought

    Hello @Grey Crimson @Marcos is asking the public identification or "public ID" of you license product, which you can find on "Help and Support" > "Details for customer care". Is a sequence or 3 numbers and letters separated by a " - " like "A1A-2B2-3C3"
  4. Gonzalo Alvarez

    License key not working

    Hello @donnahubele Which version of the product do you have? (you can see at "Help and Support > About", or right click on the icon near the time, > About...)
  5. Gonzalo Alvarez


    Hello @OMERTA22PL as you pointed, you (at least) start the configuration for anti-theft... As you also pointed we are trying to help you to get your phone back, that's why @Marcos didn't ask for settings or else, instead is pointing you directly to a solution of the problem. If you still have the problem, please try what is suggested in the link and tell us if you suceed or need more help. We can investigate more deeply what happen after you get your phone back, so you can continue your business.
  6. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Virus signature database is out of date

    Hi @Chirac As @Marcos pointed the ESET updates every 60 min the modules and virus database. To update the versión you have to run a task as "software installation" with the latest version of the product and the parameters required. Please note, Home versions updated automatically in version, Endpoint products requires someone who do the job or set the task.
  7. hI @Machgh, FYI, your license of ESET Smart Security allow you to install ESET Internet Security.
  8. Hi @camelia Sure, if you use spanish go ahead in that language.
  9. Hi @camelia Can you be kind to describe your problem? Thanks!
  10. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Failed to create task: (Task Product Activation)

    Hi @Lachitomx, There was another thread on january similar to your case, however is doesn't show the solution. (see Probably because was handle by a support ticket, perhaps you should try to contact your local support.
  11. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Failed to create task: (Task Product Activation)

    Hi @Lachitomx, Do you check you terminal and ERA has connection to the Activation servers according with the KB 332 (https://support.eset.com/kb332/)?
  12. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Forum Feedback

    Thanks Tom!
  13. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Forum Feedback

    Hi, There is a way to search or view any topics with "no replies"? I can't find any. Thanks!
  14. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Introduce yourself

    nice to meet you investigators3
  15. Gonzalo Alvarez

    Introduce yourself

    Welcome Antus!