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  1. Hello @Marcosyes my Firewall is in interactive mode, I am going to delete it and see what happens with the new version14.2.10.0 Thanks Camelia
  2. Hello i think this rule was created when EIS updates to the current version... Can I delete it? C:\Users\c4m3lia\AppData\Local\Temp\eset\bts.session\{02D83BBE-FB68-B01E-056B-19CD71360EE4}\EIS140220.exe Regards Camelia
  3. 😱😱😱😱 Warning Presents! (All > Original binary from disk) Camelia eis_logs.zip
  4. Are this services duplicates? Five rules of DoSvc, all same path: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc (1) Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc (2) Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc (3) Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc (4) Allow communication for svchost.exe/DoSvc (5) Thanks Camelia
  5. Hello, I have a lot of duplicated rules, can I deleted them and keep the latest rules created Or is better do nothing with them? I will love to delete the dups, but I am not going to move a finger before I have an advice for the experts here in this forum. Thanks Camelia For example I have 6 rules of WinStore.App.exe WinStore.App.exe WinStore.App.exe(2) WinStore.App.exe(3) WinStore.App.exe(4) WinStore.App.exe(5) WinStore.App.exe(6)
  6. Hello, I want to report a FP To SecureAge, the URL to report it is https://www.secureaplus.com/features/antivirus/report-false-positive/ But EIS block that URL, So I can not report the FP Can someone please confirm is this URL is SecureAge's website? I know, I am sure SecureAge has to have a very low reputation but I still want to report that FP :) Thanks Camelia
  7. Hello, This is the fist time I see this event after scanning, what does it means? Thanks Camelia
  8. Hello, After installing EIS latest I got this notification: Eset Security is turned off If I click on Turn on, nothing happens: If I Turn off WD Firewall, Windows is not happy BTW I do not want Windows Defender Firewall and EIS Firewall On at the same time In short EIS Firewall does not want to turn ON and I do not want Windows Defender Firewall ON What is the problem? Windows 10 latest, EIS latest, FF latest, MBAM latest Thanks Came
  9. Thanks @itman I will download the PDF is easier for me as reference Came
  10. Oh! I am Rising star with 100 post 🥳🍰🥂 but with only 6 Kudos 😭 Came
  11. Hello, Is "Enable Detection of potentially unsafe applications" a new Scanner option feature? I am asking this because I don't remember if I turn it ON before, and because with the latest EIS update this option changed to OFF Thanks Came
  12. Thank you very much @Marcos I will contact them Best Came
  13. Maybe because we are a very few user that really loves Eset for Mac 😥 Came
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