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  1. Hello @itman Please don not show me your Cortana HIPS rule But can I add the same way I did with Edge, a HIPS rule to block Cortana start up? 😶 C:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\AppCache\DE0IAD7S\1\Init[1].htm Can I brake Windows WU, blocking Edge and Cortana start up? A yes or no will do it Kind Regards Camelia
  2. ESET HIPS rule created successful 😎 Thanks @itman Camelia
  3. Failed to create the Eset HIPS rule 😭 What do I choose here???? 😱😱
  4. Where is the option to uncheck it? Thanks Came
  5. Hello @itman Could you please be so kind to post in this topic an screenshot of how do you block Edge start up with an Eset HIPS rule? Thanks Camelia
  6. Thanks @itman I am a https://www.wilderssecurity.com/ member Could you please send me a private message letting me know In which sub forum I have to ask? Thanks Came
  7. Hello, IF I don not use/open/browse Edge, and some days I don't check for WU... Why then Edge is calling phone or whatever you experts call it... I called unwanted connections I do not want to brake WU, but also I don't want Edge connects only God knows where and why What do you suggest me to do Thanks Camelia Update 1: I don't know why they moved my Topic to General Discussion, when It can be an EIS firewall help 😤 Update 2: My name is Camelia 😱
  8. I am the only user, the only administrator, the only consulting security, the only who cooks here 🤣 Thanks for that info 😊 Buuuuut i love when my friends asking me about security issues and their faces when I provide them good advice 😛 Thanks to the expert of this forum Came
  9. Oh today I learned a lot of new things 😍 thanks @itman "Personally, I just disable the Nvidia Telemetry service and leave it at that. I haven't seen any outbound Nvidia traffic after that. I also can't vouche the the above rundll32 method since I never used it." I am head headed I will go for the rundll32 method 😛 "As far as blocking GeForce Experience outbound activity, the best way to stop it is never install it or uninstall it." Uninstalled 😎 >This whole subject started to take on a life of its own when people noticed the latest NVIDIA drivers add an “NVIDIA telemetry monitor”, or NvTmMon.exe, entry to the Task Scheduler. MajorGeeks even recommended disabling these > tasks with the Microsoft Autoruns software. I am going to download and install Autoruns software, just to see what other apps are running 😉 >You’re free to disable those telemetry services, but that won’t do anything for the time being. To truly stop NVIDIA’s software from phoning home, you’d have to break GeForce Experience by blocking its connections at the firewall level. >BUT "In fact, if you block connections from GeForce Experience and it can’t connect to NVIDIA’s servers, it just kicks you back top a sign-in screen saying “We are unable to log you in at this time. Try again later.” >This is a bad idea. Those graphics driver updates are important!" Oh! Now I understand why the powerful EIS firewall can not do all the job always >But if you do this, GeForce Experience won’t automatically check for and provide you with graphics driver updates anymore. The game-optimization features would stop working. Other Internet-connected features would also break. I don't play video games, my GPU is a old one, I am going to save money to buy a decent one, once I have it I will worry about those other internet-connected features that also could break, What else can I brake if my NVIDIA drivers version are not helping? 🤣 Camelia
  10. Hello, I downloaded and installed the GeForce Experience For W10 64-bit patch, the icon gone 😶 Now how do I know If i blocked correctly all the unwanted connections from NVIDIA??? 😱 ...Until I buy a new GPU? 😖 Thanks Came
  11. Thanks @itman No, I don't have any problem to uninstall the GEForce Experience, but if there is a patch I will start using it meanwhile I save money to buy a decent GPU Thank you very much Camelia
  12. Oh! I did not know about that security issue thing 😱 But in my case my GPU is very old it is an NVIDIA 8800 GTS or something and I update to the latest version available for my very old graphic card, since I don't play video games and because I don't have the money to buy the latest and most expensive GPU of any brand I am OK with this one, now.... The latest update is v342.1 for my GPU and as I said Is installed.. I don't understand why keeps remind me about the update, now is more important for me to block with EIS firewall all the connections..... Or it will be an easier solution uninstalling the NVIDIA GEForce experience v2.x and NVIDIA 3D? Thanks Update: I just read this 🤣🤣 If I don't have the money to buy a new GPU does NVIDIA thinks I have the money to consulting a security OR an IT professional to evaluate the risk to my specific configuration 🤣🤣 Camelia
  13. Thanks it works like a charm buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I am having a problem with one unwanted connection, I have tried everything but I don't know is this connection is blocked or not @ this moment, it is driving crazy! 😫 Please help me Came
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