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  1. Thanks @itman I will download the PDF is easier for me as reference Came
  2. Oh! I am Rising star with 100 post 🥳🍰🥂 but with only 6 Kudos 😭 Came
  3. Hello, Is "Enable Detection of potentially unsafe applications" a new Scanner option feature? I am asking this because I don't remember if I turn it ON before, and because with the latest EIS update this option changed to OFF Thanks Came
  4. Thank you very much @Marcos I will contact them Best Came
  5. Maybe because we are a very few user that really loves Eset for Mac 😥 Came
  6. Thank you! What is the difference between "Display security reports notifications" and "Display notification about successful update" ? Thanks Camelia
  7. Hello, If I insert an USB drive, it seems ECS does not scan it, I have to scan it manually (click on the media) Is it a bug? Thanks Came
  8. Hello, I always check if there is something new about a product release from ESET in this sub forum, specially when there is a macOS update But nothing about the latest version why? 😕 Came
  9. Hello Under My Profile > Updates, where is "Disable notification about successful update"? Because Again, I can't see the notifications about successfully updates and others Thank you Came Archive: https://forum.eset.com/topic/15706-no-more-notifications-about-updates/
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