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  1. I did not know, i could check a website reputation AT Virus total, also I didn't know about https://quttera.com/home
  2. Hello experts is this website clean and safe? https://twittervideodownloader.com/ Thanks Camelia
  3. For me it is a must the 2FA whenever possible with Authy! Specially in my social accounts Camelia
  4. Hello, Is possible for EIS (Windows version) detects malware in a .dmg file? Thanks Camelia
  5. Yes, I am in interactive mode when the ESET firewall alert apperead It is clean I know that Is the SHA256 of the file WaasMedic_Agent.exe located in C:\Windows\System32 237E395C02F35F502432138B0ECFF71D7E84178719169AE7FE67C688B11D9829 ? Thanks Camelia
  6. Hello, Can someone please let me know the SHA256 Checksum of the file C:\Windows\System32\WaasMedic_Agent.exe Maybe the one I have in the desktop is the good one and the the other is corrupted? A) i am paranoid B) The WaasMedic_Agent.exe is an important file, has something to do with WU Thank you Camelia
  7. Hello, I only accept a rule and WaasMedic_Agent.exe, suddenly Appears in my desktop, why? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/8cb5699f0492ce94545bddfe0e717cfd871f849a83735c911c1b618ba5c959c1/detection 8cb5699f0492ce94545bddfe0e717cfd871f849a83735c911c1b618ba5c959c1 Thanks Camelia
  8. The issue starts sometimes after exit Shadow Mode (No notifications about all the Network protection are off) Sorry, I will try again later today No, I have not exclude anything, Long time ESET and Shadow Defender user and I never had an issue like this. After excluding Eset files I will post again to let you know If the Network protection do not turn off again Thanks Camelia
  9. CCleaner, Enter Shadow Mode, Exiting Shadow Mode and Boom: @Marcos eis_logs.zip Thanks Camelia
  10. Group rules, like avast https://support.avast.com/en-au/article/Antivirus-Firewall-Application-Rules/ Camelia
  11. Nop Here are my settings: I hope the latest version resolve the issue. Update: I haven't had any problem with the latest version yet but with the previous version the problem may be when exiting Shadow Mode and run PrivaZer If I Block all network traffic, pause firewall or pause protection, I get the notifications I will keep posting if the Network protection notifications does not appear, just to let you know and I will follow the instructions @Marcos provide me in this topic Thanks Camelia
  12. Hello If some or none of the required Network protection are not active, EIS do not show any notifications about it I wonder how many times I have browse the internet with Firewall, IDS or Botnet protection off, without knowing because EIS doesn't show any warning or notification 😭 Thanks Camelia
  13. Hello @Marcosyes my Firewall is in interactive mode, I am going to delete it and see what happens with the new version14.2.10.0 Thanks Camelia
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