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  1. yup, the banking feature... Oh I didn't know it runs sandboxed too Camelia
  2. I never use that option because it can not run sandboxed and no help @ https://www.sandboxie.com/ Thanks Camelia
  3. Thank you very much! @itman that is what I was looking for!! 😍 I don't know either but who wants to have a boot malware in their removable media? Camelia
  4. Understood, Thank you @Marcos Camelia
  5. Help! Do I have to change change both settings @stackz and @Marcos suggestion in my EIS configuration? Thanks Camelia
  6. Hello Yup, if I want to learn something new it would be "scan profiles", is there any KB About it? Thanks Camelia
  7. Hello, Could you please provide me more information about how profiles works and some examples? Tnanks Came
  8. Hello, I'm confused, do I have to change both settings @stackz and @Marcos suggestion? Yes it is a good idea, but I still don't know, how profiles works, I will start a new topic asking about profiles Thanks Came
  9. Hello, When I scan an SD Card (Context Menu) only scans for folders and files is there an option in EIS "Settings" to scan its MBR, partition table or boot sectors? When I scan selecting "In-depth scan" As Administrator I got a report like: Scanned disks, folders and files: Operating memory;A:\Boot sectors/UEFI;C:\Boot sectors/UEFI;A:\;C:\ But NOT right clicking on the SD card only Thanks Came
  10. Hello Well, Ok, I have tried all the suggestion above and I finished formatting my HD, Installing Windows 10 again, EIS (But this time I didn't update it from previous version) And Shadow Defender... I am getting notifications about module updates when the computer is "IDLE" or in "Shadow mode" AND EIS informed me about an update for Windows (KB4100347) When this patch was released and I restarted my computer. I can not confirm that there is no issue in ver. 11.2.49 until the next patch update I will keep posting If I still having any issue.. For now, Thank you very much to all the experts in this forum Came
  11. Hello, I have to wait for Microsoft August 2018 Patch Tuesday and this time EIS notified me about new updates, I only have to wait more time for possible newer updates later this month to confirm IF EIS under Windows 10 latest build and fully patched is notifying without any issue. Tried @Marcos suggestion just for out of curiosity and I found out EIS is not updating when the computer is idle (Computer is on, but I wasn't doing anything with it) I have to update it manually (Clicking on "Check for updates" ) Soooooooooooooo my problem is EIS does not update when IDLE, EIS updates after a restart or when I turn on my computer! Do I have to open other New Topic about this issue? Only after reboot or when I turn on my PC, EIS updates... weird is not? 😶 Came
  12. Hello @itman And sorry for the late reply. 😳 Can you see this notification every time EIS updates? I am able to reproduce the notification because I am working in shadow mode most of the time https://www.shadowdefender.com/ But when exit "Shadow mode" and restart computer and I don't see it Installed components: Is everything ok? 🤕🤢 Detection Engine: 17860 (20180810) Rapid Response module: 12629 (20180810) Update module: 1014 (20180123) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1541.1 (20180803) Advanced heuristics module: 1188 (20180422) Archive support module: 1277 (20180727) Cleaner module: 1161 (20180723) Anti-Stealth support module: 1138 (20180625) Firewall module: 1378 (20180509) ESET SysInspector module: 1273 (20180523) Translation support module: 1701 (20180712) HIPS support module: 1324 (20180712) Internet protection module: 1334 (20180522) Web content filter module: 1058 (20170406) Advanced antispam module: 7768 (20180808) Database module: 1098 (20180530) Configuration module (33): 1685.14 (20180801) LiveGrid communication module: 1047 (20180717) Specialized cleaner module: 1012 (20160405) Banking & payment protection module: 1135 (20180625) Rootkit detection and cleaning module: 1019 (20170825) Network protection module: 1676 (20180710) Router vulnerability scanner module: 1051 (20180730) Script scanner module: 1042 (20180723) Connected Home Network module: 1020 (20180503) Cryptographic protocol support module: 1028 (20180626) Events: Is everything ok? 🤕🤢 Lucky you but not my case 😭 Best Regards, Came
  13. Are you in windows 7 SP1?, because under Windows 10 nothing is working 😭
  14. @TomFace I will follow you... set to "Informative" now. I hope it works, The first day of this month I've gotten a notification about module updates, but since then no more 😭 😭
  15. Until now I am 100% positive, maybe because I was in another settings menu.. 😭 Ok here is my settings the article shows, where is the error? Thanks Came