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  1. Hi, Under Update settings, it is possible to select between default Regular update and Pre-release updates. The ESET Guideline describes the Pre-release update feature as followed: I have since yesterday changed my settings from Regular to Pre-release updates. I have already version 8.0.312.0 installed. What I can see, I have right now the following modules installed. The only module which looks like "Pre-Release" is the Virus signature database and the Advanced antispam module. Anyway, I have seen that virus signature databases are not released faster then the regular one. In my opinion this is not really important either due to the Grid-Live (Cloud) protection used by ESET products. Is the pre-release update function only to get some new modules a bit faster? Like a "beta-test-light" or something like that? How much time does it usually take from a pre-released update, until it is included in the regular update? Are there any statistics about it? And finally, it is not recommended to use pre-release updates on production desktops. But has it ever occurred that a pre-release update actually created problems for some of the users? /Geraner
  2. Hi, When you define any exlusions in ESET Smart Security, you can add a complete drive, a compete folder, or just one particular file / program. If you for example create an exclusion for C:\Program files\Program.exe will then all files which this program is reading / writing, also be excluded from scanning by ESET, or does the exclusion settings only mean that the file Program.exe will not be scanned on ESET On-Demand scans?
  3. Hi, Yes, the port can be added. But the problem is that the most e-mail provider nowadays not only use another SMTP port than 25, they also require to configure SSL / TLS connection settings together with the changed Port. Google Mail for example requires port 465 and to have TLS/SSL enabled. I tried it but got it not working, to set up these settings in ESET to be used for alerts notification. :-(
  4. Password reset done. Thanks for the information.
  5. Hi, I started using ESET SS 7 a few days ago and I must say I'm amazed by the non existing system impact while running the program. The program feels so much lightweight that it's just amazing. Now to my first question regarding the settings in SS 7. I went through the settings and was mainly keeping everything on default. But there is one setting I'm would like to know more about. It's called "Advanced heuristics/DNA/Smart signatures", and this setting by default is: On-demand computer scan = enabled Real-time file system protection = disabled Why is it disabled for Real-time protection? Does this setting decrease the system performance? Would it not be suggested to have it activated even for real-time protection? I'm looking forward to read about your opinions and experiences regarding this function enabling and disabling depending on the real-time protection. Regards Geraner
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