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  1. Thanks @itman I will download the PDF is easier for me as reference Came
  2. Oh! I am Rising star with 100 post 🥳🍰🥂 but with only 6 Kudos 😭 Came
  3. Hello, Is "Enable Detection of potentially unsafe applications" a new Scanner option feature? I am asking this because I don't remember if I turn it ON before, and because with the latest EIS update this option changed to OFF Thanks Came
  4. Thank you very much @Marcos I will contact them Best Came
  5. Maybe because we are a very few user that really loves Eset for Mac 😥 Came
  6. Thank you! What is the difference between "Display security reports notifications" and "Display notification about successful update" ? Thanks Camelia
  7. Hello, If I insert an USB drive, it seems ECS does not scan it, I have to scan it manually (click on the media) Is it a bug? Thanks Came
  8. Hello, I always check if there is something new about a product release from ESET in this sub forum, specially when there is a macOS update But nothing about the latest version why? 😕 Came
  9. Hello Under My Profile > Updates, where is "Disable notification about successful update"? Because Again, I can't see the notifications about successfully updates and others Thank you Came Archive: https://forum.eset.com/topic/15706-no-more-notifications-about-updates/
  10. Hello @itman Please don not show me your Cortana HIPS rule But can I add the same way I did with Edge, a HIPS rule to block Cortana start up? 😶 C:\Users\ME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy\AC\AppCache\DE0IAD7S\1\Init[1].htm Can I brake Windows WU, blocking Edge and Cortana start up? A yes or no will do it Kind Regards Camelia
  11. ESET HIPS rule created successful 😎 Thanks @itman Camelia
  12. Failed to create the Eset HIPS rule 😭 What do I choose here???? 😱😱
  13. Where is the option to uncheck it? Thanks Came
  14. Hello @itman Could you please be so kind to post in this topic an screenshot of how do you block Edge start up with an Eset HIPS rule? Thanks Camelia
  15. Thanks @itman I am a https://www.wilderssecurity.com/ member Could you please send me a private message letting me know In which sub forum I have to ask? Thanks Came
  16. Hello, IF I don not use/open/browse Edge, and some days I don't check for WU... Why then Edge is calling phone or whatever you experts call it... I called unwanted connections I do not want to brake WU, but also I don't want Edge connects only God knows where and why What do you suggest me to do Thanks Camelia Update 1: I don't know why they moved my Topic to General Discussion, when It can be an EIS firewall help 😤 Update 2: My name is Camelia 😱
  17. Thanks @itman 😍 I only trust the experts in this Forum 😎 About security question 😍 Came
  18. Hello, Why do I have a target called "VM' ? AND is part of macOS Mojave the folder .HFS+ Private Directory Data? Thanks Came
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