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  1. MichalJ, thank you for advise - it helped! I'll add screenshot with solution for other users... And for your question about frequent reinstalls - this customer is high school with old hardware which is failing and have to be cleaned by reinstall more frequently than at other customers… Computer name, IP and installer remains, but ESET sometimes makes duplicity (seen also in older EAV5 + ERA5 environments)….
  2. Unfortunately deactivation did not helped - it is not even possible because of (again) Internal server error...
  3. Hello! I have many duplicate computer entries in my ERA6. If I try to delete them, error window "Failed: Internal server error" appears. According to some forums solution is to reinstall Agent/Antivirus on client computers, but this is not a solution for me - I have for example 3 entries of one computer name (I made reinstallations quite often). Sometime it just says "done", but all entries are still there... Licenses synchronization is also not helping…   My versions: ESET Remote Administrator (Server), Version 6.5 (6.5.522.0) ESET Remote Administrator (Web Console), Version 6.5 (6.5.388.0) Update module 1069 (20161122) Translation support module 1672 (20180309) Configuration module 1526.10 (20180117) SysInspector module 1269 (20170321)   Thank you for advising! Ondrej  
  4. Hello, is it possible to manage multiple customers from a single ERA 6 console? We take care about several customers (in total slightly above 1000 endpoints) and we want to connect all clients to single console located in our datacentre or Azure. I do not expect any technical issue, but what about licences? How many data and how often in transmitted to console? We are afraid of flooding our internet connectivity or firewall with EAV traffic. Thanks! Ondřej
  5. Thank you for information about your future plans. I suppose I will upgrade to ERA 6 at this customer soon (new ERA 6.5 could be that impulse). Upgrading installed EAV 5 with login and password in XML to EAV 6 sounds like possible way - thank you.
  6. I want to install 20 desktops this way. Putting sensitive activation info into XML (like it is possible with EAV 5) is not problem for me - deployment will run under my supervision from network share and computers will be distributed to users after completing this operation. It is a pity this scenarios is not supported. Therefore, I will put "timeout 600" into installation script after installation of EAV 6 and enter it manually Nonscalable and "dirty" way, but better than EAV 5... Or do you think if I will not use ERA, then EAV 5 will make same level of protection like EAV 6? Definitions should be identical and "anti-ransomware HIPS template" will not be applicable without ERA...
  7. I do not want to manage EAV 6 with ERA at all. I also don't want to upgrade my ERA 5 to ERA 6. I just want to make silent manual installation of EAV 6 - start setup, click next, next, finish, enter activation code, activate - nothing more...
  8. Hello, my customer si currently running ERA 5 + EAV 5. I want to silently install EAV 6 on his remote computers without access to ERA and I don't want to upgrade ERA to 6 (so export all-in-one installer is not solution). How can I do it? I would like to have something like with EAV 5 = XML with activation code included. I don't want to manually copy activation code to all computers... Thank you!
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