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  1. Yes. When creating the Permission set there is nothing related to malware cleaning. Can we add this as feature request? I was also able to reproduce issue in my own environment and you can do the same by doing the following>> Create Test static group, Create Test permission set (Grant all functionality), create test USER and assigned to permission set. Run as a test https://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-potentially-unwanted-applications/. Go to "Detections" when logged into this new user account and "RESOLVE" is not available when checking box(s). Log out of test user account and log back in with Administrator native account. Edit Test permission group and set to GROUP "ALL" instead of TEST GROUP and then log out and back in with TEST user account. Resolve is now available.
  2. I created a permission set and assigned to a login to ESMC to only certain Static Groups. After logging into this new account the option to mark threats as resolved is greyed out. If I set this permission set to the group "ALL" then I am able to mark threats as resolved. Is it like this be design and can threats only be marked as resolved when permission set is set to GROUP "ALL"?
  3. Thanks for the information guys. I will pass this along to customer. @Michalj - Customer said he was doing compliance form and one of the questions was asking if the security solution they used was EDR Compliant or not. So I assume from Marcos response that based on that fact they are not using EEI that they are not EDR compliant. Would that be correct?
  4. I have customer who is doing compliance and they need to see if they are EDR compliance using our ESET products. They have ENDPOINT AV + File Security. I googled EDR and ESET and it comes up mentioning ESET Enterprise Inspector. To be fully EDR compliant do you have to have this specific product called ENTERPRISE Inspector or does the ENDPOINT AV provide this protection?
  5. Trying to figure out correct process on how to migrate MSP from his Windows 10 box to the ESET ESMC Virtual appliance. The machines that are currently connecting in are connecting to a static WAN IP address. MSP wants to migrate them over to his fully registered domain name. I imported the CA and Server cert into the OVA and restarted the box. Created a migration policy and tested one workstation to move to the new hostanme (FQDN) but machine would still connect to old ESMC on widows 10 machine. I assumed that ports would need to be changed so on the OVA I went into server settings and changed to 3333 and 3334 for agent and web console and restarted appliance. After restart of appliance I am not able to log back into web console and getting "State not connected". IS there any config file we need to modify to change to 3333 and 3334?
  6. I have customer who installed ESET products using CLOUD installer file. He did not specify the static group so he has many random machines showing under lost and found. Based on computer name he is not sure what company they belong to. Is there any report / RUN Task that can be sent out to machine to get the WAN IP address to better identity these machines?
  7. Thank you for the update. I will pass this along to customer.
  8. Instead of manually adding a URL into "List of Know Certificates" on my EMSC policy I had to put system into override mode and then request config and turn into child policy. How come ESMC policy only has option to add a file for this section?
  9. Hello, Itman. So I did confirm in the "Security at a Glance" section that "Virus and Threat Protection" shows that "Real time Protection is turned off" which is fine because EFS is running and activated. However the Windows Defender Antivirus Service shows in "Services" as still running. Is this tied into anything else other than AV protection like the windows security center for reporting health of AV products running on this platform? In other words is it normal to have this service running when EFS is also running on the same system.
  10. Is it possible to configure ESMC to use LDAPS on port 636 instead of the usual non encrypted port? Microsoft plans to disable plain-text LDAP connections in march updates. AD Synch will stop working per >> article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4520412/2020-ldap-channel-binding-and-ldap-signing-requirement-for-windows
  11. I did a clean install of latest ESET FILE SECURITY for Windows Server 2019 and notice it left the Windows Defender Cloud Delivered Protection still enabled and had to be manually turned off. Shouldn't EFS disable this like it does real time protection? Would it interfere with ESET CLOUD Protection? Also I noticed with EFS installed the "Windows Defender Antivirus Service" is still set to Running. Shouldn't this be disabled or set to Stopped after install and activation of EFS?
  12. Would this product be at all compatible when using ESET Cloud Administrator or is it even supported? The url >> https://www.eset.com/us/business/server-antivirus/shared-local-cache/ says its only for ERA 6.5 and OS only goes up to Server 2012. Is this product even needed if they are on cloud setup? If so how can you implement?
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