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    You can use your policy for your windows desktops as your Global Policy and in your static group test this will be your child policy. As long as your global policy ICMP rule is not set to "force" or "apply" then on your child policy you can "force" or "apply" and this will override global for this ICMP setting. hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/65/en-US/admin_pol_how_policies_are_applied.htm
  2. tmuster2k

    Problems with remote desktop policy

    This is not possible to do within ESET policy?
  3. Need to figure out how to block Remote Desktop Connection to everyone except one computer. Meaning the tech's computer should be the only one that can remote desktop into any computer on the network. No other computers on network should not be able to remote desktop into any computer. We want to retain the network address in the Trusted Zone on the global policy for endpoints using EES. I created a a firewall rule on the global policy to deny PORT 3389 and application c:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe and similar rule to allow on the one tech computer. After confirming policy took I can still connect to every computer via RDP. The only way I can prevent remote desktop is to take out the network address in Trusted Zone. Is there any other recommended way to configure this policy for remote desktop?
  4. Customer has master EFS policy set to disable "protocol filtering", and "web access protection". They have had this implemented for sometime. With EFS 6.5 , after these 2 items were disabled in policy there would be no RED alerts in ERA/ESMC and nothing locally on server. Since upgrade to EFS 7.x there are always alerts on ERA/ESMC and locally. In the policy under User interface >> Statuses there is no category for these 2 items. (only anti-phishing). Is this be design? I informed customer its very important to leave this enabled but they do not want it and have never used it on servers. Also when you go locally on server to programs and features for EFS and Modify there is no longer option to take out Web access protection. Is this also by design now with new version?
  5. We have good amount of customers who buy ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY but some may not want to use the firewall so they can still take advantage of Bot Net, IDS, Web Control. So the firewall is disabled in ESMC company base policy. Confirmed that policy was created before EES was even pushed out to client and these are all fresh installs of latest EES 7. confirmed policy was applied correctly in global fashion. Confirmed that locally on endpoint as well. On EES 7 deployments now the windows defender action center is reporting "Actions needed in ESET Firewall- Open ESET Firewall" Opening just goes to GUI which reports "you are protected". Windows 7 machines with this same policy implementation do not report anything wrong with firewall. Confirmed that windows firewall is enabled on the Windows 10 1803 systems. I was also able to reproduce this on VM as well.