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  1. I have customer using DES on Amazon AWS and we cannot start the DESlockHTTP. With his not started we cannot get into DES. I have tried rebooting server and setting log on to domain admin but still fails. any suggested troubleshooting because we have 1 system that is totally locked out and need to reset the FDE password.
  2. Thanks, itman. That makes a lot of sense based on the detection in logs.
  3. Herm01. I currently cannot test with my customer but have you tried installing another build of EFS to see if it also fails. I will PM you a link for EFS 6.3 which is the only build I have available right now. see if that one installs so maybe we can confirm it has to do with current build. I will test as well when I get access back to server.
  4. working with customer who notices ESET detection of the IBM BIG FIX agent called "BESClient.exe". According to screenshot of the logs which you can view here >> it appears that this agent is trying to do something with ESET or do some kind of reporting on ESET and send back to their console. ESET is just reporting that SELF Defense blocked this type of communication which is what SELF defense should do. Customer understands this but wants to know if there is a way to not have ESET not log anything to do with BESclient.exe regarding HIPS? Real time exclusions were set per >>!/wiki/Tivoli+Endpoint+Manager/page/Real+Time+AV+Exclusions but I do not see anything here regarding HIPS and eset HIPS is not interfering with IBM big fix program and its working fine. any suggestions? TY.
  5. After installing EFS 6.5.12014.1 I get "c:Program\files\eset\eset file security\egui >> windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. you may not have approptiate permissions to access the item"- activation window never comes up after install and EGUI does not show alongside ekrn in task manager. I get this error when trying to manually launch EGUI by going into that path. This is a windows 2008 Server 64 bit with plenty of resources. Customer previously had a working EFS 4.5 running. EFS 4.5 was removed and computer rebooted before install of EFS 6.5. I did another uninstall of the broken 6.5 and manually confirmed no remnants in system32/drivers or in registry after reboot. Installed again and same issue. Currently having customer run sfc/ scannow. any suggestions going further?
  6. Endpoint Slowing Streaming

    not sure I have run across this. Did you temporarily disable protection and see if issue is reproduced or not? real time and web access if running EEA
  7. Requiring encryption for removable media?

    EES is firewall and av protection which does not include encryption. There is ESET ENDPOINT ENCRYPTION but not 100% sure if you can force auto encryption once device is inserted into machine.