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  1. Tray Icon Menu

    just set a settings password in the User Interface section of the policy. They may see option but would need to authorize pause via a password for it to go through. Other than that option you could set GUI to Silent mode.
  2. ERA 6.5. Created permission set group called "company a". Created native user and assigned to newly created permission group and home group called "company a". The only thing I don't want this permission group to have access to is "server settings". I created an agent peer cert called "company a" and assigned the access group of "company a" to it. I logged into newly created native user account that only has access to "company a". When going to create agent live installer the newly created cert is assigned properly but when clicking on "get installers" I get "Failed to get installers: Access denied for certification authority". Is it only possible to create agent live installers with native admin account? Also the certificate authority does not have a passphrase applied and no passphrase was applied to newly created agent cert for "company a". I
  3. customer was just curious about removal. Sometimes if operating system memory malware hits, it creates many duplicates in "detected threats'
  4. thank you. This is the customers request and not mine.
  5. Is there a task that can be run from ERA 6.5 that will remove log files from the endpoint that show up on >> Tools >> Log files >> ? for ESET ENDPOINT AV's workstations (windows OS)
  6. Does the initial first scan which you say improves subsequent performance is this only for On-demand scans? Most IT guys deploy in the middle of the day so having that scan run with end users working causes performance degradation when its scanning the whole computer and external devices if plugged in. I have isolated the issue on 2 different environments. Also, even though the client shows the base policy I have assigned why doesn't it carry over the " Automatic first scan" entry back to the client. When I bring up EGUI and go to tools>> Scheduler it is not listing that item at all which shows in the policy. And why is the date set to >> "Task will be run only once on 1969 Dec 31 at 16:00:00"? I can almost guarantee if you run this in your testing environment you will reproduce this issue.
  7. Working with customer who is installing ESET ENDPOINT AV for windows out to new machines (out of the box) so first scan does not need to run and currently causing slowdowns with machines. Scan has to be stopped manually on endpoint. Was able to test on new system so I created a base policy for ESET ENDPOINT for windows. In this policy I confirmed that "Automatic first scan" is unchecked in "Scheduler". Interesting to note that the launch time is "Task will be run only once on 1969- First Scan Dec 31 at 16:00:00.". Question>> why is it showing this date? I wasn't even born then. lol. During creating of the all-in-one installer I pointed to that policy that confirms that Automatic first scan is unchecked and I even forced the item. After installing All-in-one and after it updates the Automatic first scan starts and has to manually be stopped. I tested this same issue on a whole different environment and even tried just the push install VIA era with same policy confirming automatic first scan is unchecked and the automatic first scan still runs. Can anyone else please test this out or if there is another option to not allowing this first scan to run. NOTE: I did confirm that in "Show Details" and "Applied Policies" that policy in play which confirms "Automatic first scan" is unchecked but when going local to endpoint and tools >> scheduler that "Automatic first scan" is not even listed. Last item is "System startup file check" This was the same in two different environments with 2 different ERA installs.
  8. dont use the migration tool. what you can do is leave 1 ENDPOINT V5 or ESET FILE Security 4.5 system up and deploy the ERA 6.x agent to it. After it checks in then go into configuration from the details and do "request configuration". Do a couple wake up calls and then it will appear. Once it shows in the configuration area then click "convert into policy". You can now create master policies for endpoints and servers and keep your previous configuration. Be aware that if you were using the Mirror update to go into the update section and turn that off otherwise they will not update. If you are not using 500 nodes are more you do not need caching proxy.
  9. Force client to connect to different server

    you will create a temp agent policy on the old server to get them to check in for that initial time to grab the new address of server. After they have got new policy and no longer checking into old server you will then apply your certificate to these computers. You can use this link as a guide >>
  10. But you missed the point of my reply. in Windows 2016 Server specifically, ESET does not automatically disable Windows Defender and that was proven in my testing.
  11. I have some updated information on the windows defender being enabled in 2016 Server with ESET enabled.If you are installing on Windows Server 2016, Microsoft recommends to uninstall Windows Defender Features go to >> section >> Install or uninstall Windows Defender AV on Windows Server 2016>> removal windows defender from "roles and features" and reboot confirmed that the service of >> WinDefend was gone. Marcos. Could I suggest in the next build of ESET FILE SECURITY that we warn customer that Windows Defender is enabled and needs to be removed via roles and features?
  12. recently noticed that after installing ESET FILE SECURITY (latest build) that the windows defender service is still running which is the opposite of what takes place for windows 10. Are there any specific details anyone can provide on this forum as to why its in this fashion? This is the WinDefend service >> "Helps protect users from malware and other potentially unwanted software"
  13. Did you install ESET INTERNET SECURITY on top of ESET Smart Security? If so then re-install the program using the removal tool in safemode to ensure all remnants are removed >> . Clear windows temp files. then >> After reboot from safemode, then install EIS again >>