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  1. Marcos. If saving to share on another server for example would this be correct format >> //server/share or \\server\share or \\server\c$\share? can you provide example of correct format?
  2. I tried it on different environment using ESET PROTECT CLOUD and still fails. I even set share to "everyone". Nothing in trace log showing any details of failure to upload.
  3. Trying to run the Upload quarantined object task but keeps failing. (ESET PROTECT 8.x) 1. Can this only be run when on Domain or will it work on Workgroup using Local Admin credentials? 2. Can you save this file locally on the Upload Path. example. c:\quarantine 3. If saving to share on another server for example would this be correct format >> //server/share or \\server\share or \\server\c$\share? 4. Would the target for this task be the machine where the quarantined object is currently housed?
  4. When setting up ESET PROTECT Mobile Device connector and only using IPAD only devices. 1. Is it compatible with iPASOS 14.x ? I saw online guide mention that "iPadOS 13 is not supported by ESET PROTECT MDM" but when you go to this site at the bottom >> https://help.eset.com/protect_install/80/en-US/operating_systems.html?mobile.html but if you look at the list towards top of URL it says it is compatible. Very conflicting info on the same URL. 2. To setup MDC for IPAD only devices do you need your own 3rd party PFX cert (Example from GO DADDY) for these devices to connect t
  5. When clicking on computer that is actively checking in with 7.2 agent on ESMC 7.2 server and going to "Show details" >> "Overview" on the IP Address field is showing N/A (not applicable). The machine in question is a desktop that always stays with hardwired ethernet connection (DHCP). Other machines are showing fine as its about 30% that show N/A. Agent was just installed 2 days ago and nothing has changed in the environment.
  6. Noticing a trend where computers with ESET installed (Home consumer or Endpoint) , is causing issue with Drop box sync to fail (Can't establish connection". Doing full disable of Protocol Filtering resolves the issue and then drop box starts syncing again. only disable of SSL/TLS filtering does not resolve issue. I assume doing a Protocol Filtering exclusion for drop box should not be applied correct? if so then how would you exclude PF from scanning drop box ?
  7. Do you have any details on how to do this export/import option?
  8. ESMC was not working so I performed full reinstall of all components. I had backed up the server cert and CA and policies via "Export". After install, I imported CA and server cert and machines are checking in like before but they are all going into the LOST AND FOUND Static Group instead of their respective MSP groups that are synced over from license management. Is there any way to get these machines back into their respective groups without have to manually drag and drop them over?
  9. @MartinK I know the easy way is through the GUI but per my post I mentioned there are some instances of ERA 6.5 OVA that do not have this and it is likely because the previous version they had (example OVA 6.2) never came with this and when they did components upgrade it did not bring it over. Also I would like to know this command because the OVA MDC Appliance also does not have option to backup database and I was wondering if there is easy command to accomplish this.
  10. Wanting to do a Database Backup and Restore to new ESMC OVA. The ERA 6.5 I am trying to backup does not have the "Backup Database" option on the console window. This was likely a 6.2 or 6.3 appliance that got upgraded but none of the other items that should be there for ERA 6.5 OVA. Is there a way to backup the current database via terminal window to a file and then I will move it over to the new Appliance. If I move it to /root/era-backup.sql when I do the Database restore will it see it and bring in the raw data to new ESMC OVA?
  11. I want to be able to use the built in report in ESMC called "Outdated applications" but need to know what users are currently logged in that are on that version. When I go to Data or filter there is no option to add USER >> User Name. Is there something missing or this is not possible to do with the report and can only filter by Static Group Name?
  12. Wanting to run the Windows Update task in ESMC to run on the 2nd and 16th of each month. Any help on setting up this trigger would be helpful.
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