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  1. tmuster2k

    Office 365 Settings not working for SMTP

    it does not specify anything with authentication. just that the test failed. We mirrored the same settings on this phone so we know the authentication part is correct.
  2. tmuster2k

    Office 365 Settings not working for SMTP

    so my question is still, does ERA 6.5 SMTP Server settings fully support email configurations for Office 365 or Go Daddy? I had customer mirror the settings on his phone which was set for Office 365 and it still won't work in ERA 6.5. Test email always fails. Confirmed settings are correct. Do you have to be hosting your own mail server for this to work?
  3. can't do GPO because the domain has a mix of ESET and Sophos and customer does not want agent on those non ESET AV computers. Tried using the deployment tool but after it says "success" like the ERA 6.5 deployment status nothing happens on the endpoint. Even when I bring up the task manager there is no ERA_x64 process like I see when a successful deployment of all in one or agent when using deployment tool.
  4. just got ERA 6.5 installed. When pushing agent it will say it completed successfully but the agent never gets installed. was RDP'd into test machine after push and you do see the ESET REMOTE ADMIN PUSH background process for a brief second and then disappears. after it disappears ESET AGENT SERVER Task shows "task completed successfully" but no agent is installed. happened on 2 different machines running windows 10. Tried a local install using agent live installer and after doing the windows 10 >> more info >> continue anyways there is no DOS screen or subsequent windows installer icon below. Customer does not want to do local installs of agent using MSI.
  5. Working with customer on getting notifications to be sent out from ERA 6.5 and when putting in his settings for OFFICE 365 the test fails in RED and nothing gets sent. We also tried a GO Daddy email and same. Do they have to be hosting their own email server like exchange for this to work?
  6. Most of my testing shows that in place upgrades are good from 6.4 and up to latest version. If you do install over the top from these older versions to 6.6 there is likely hood as you described that security modules will likely by in non-functional state. I would recommend just pushing out a uninstall task + Reboot and then pushing out Latest build to that same system(s). This process will ensure that "your are protected" should display on Protection Status. going further you can just do install over the top + Reboot as long as you do not fall behind too many versions behind.