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  1. Thank you very much for this info, ITMAN. So in your case, after disabling UPNP on router you no longer had connectivity issues with VPN connection?
  2. I have been having issues with maintaining connectivity to my VPN recently. I looked at the ENDPOINT Security program (7.1.2053) on windows 10 and it shows my Routers Gateway address. I can do UNBLOCK but it comes back later. The detection is for >> svchost.exe Destination Port 1900 UDP Direction = IN // Communication denied by rule- Block incoming SSDP (UPNP) requests for svchost.exe. Would this cause issue with V PN connectivity at all?
  3. After doing FDE with latest EEE version I can no longer login using on board keyboard that came with my Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 computer. I can only log in on the FDE screen using my usb keyboard. Per Legacy USB Emulation https://support.deslock.com/index.php?/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/416 I cannot find this item in my BIOS and only references Legacy boot devices. Does this mean my systems on board keyboard is simply not compatible with the FDE login? The on board keyboard does work in the BIOS and fast boot is disabled.
  4. Where is the "Custom attributes" section on the ESMC AD Sync task?
  5. I have customer who puts in Computer Description for every system on the domain. This can be found by going to right click on "This PC" from windows explorer and go to Properties it will show you the Computer Name, Full Computer Name and Computer Description. IN ESMC when clicking on gear icon from the Computers section on the right and choose "edit column" and checking box for "Computer Description" it does show when scrolling to far right but no computer description is displayed. The only way I can get a computer description is by editing from show details and manually adding it. I was able to reproduce on MY VM by adding a computer description and rebooted. after reboot and going into ESMC there is still no computer description.
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