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  1. Hello, Is it possible to send the AUDIT log from ESET Protect on premise to a 3rd party SYSLOG server? Is it also possible to set alert thresholds for how many machines that a client level task is run on? We are wanting to do this to improve the risk posture to identify a threat actor or a high number of tasks are run on machines.
  2. @Marcos My question is why doesn't eset.com open in normal browser when I specified it to in the policy? It only opens in Secure browser.
  3. Trying to setup policy to where ESET's Secure browser will be initiated outside of 2 websites. I was doing test and also was able to reproduce by turning on "Enable Secure Browser" and under "WEBSITES REDIRECTION" and included www.eset.com and eset.com for "Normal Browser" so that when going to eset.com it should not bring up secure browser. The normal browser never is initiated however when going to eset.com even though local settings were confirmed based on the policy. I did notice that the only way to Edit the section "WEBSITES REDIRECTION" was to slide off "Secure All Browsers" so I was assuming with this slider off it still retained the items in "WEBSITES REDIRECTION" or am I wrong or is there something else I am missing in implementing this correctly?
  4. Is there explanation as to what "Subunits" references in EBA for ESET server security. There is no mail security, terminal server connections or Sharepoint at all in play here. These are physical servers that some show 1 or 2 subunits. The glossary in EBA only references ESET Mail Security which is not part of this license. Also these servers do not have multiple NIC's (single NIC only).
  5. in my testing, it appears that if you are already on the latest version of the agent that you cannot do install over the top and the task will fail if deploying. If you run locally with agent .exe file locally it will give error "Latest version is already installed". I don't remember this with previous versions like with 8.x but maybe something has changed. The only option appears to run script to remove orphaned agents and then do fresh deploy.
  6. I was wondering if there is any report that can be created that can send report of failed installs. Fox example, if doing a install task to push a newer version of ESET ENDPOINT Security over the top and then the installation rolls back. I tested a report using Client Tasks, Failed and then Filter by Client tasks, Task type = Software install but this task will report success by just getting to the machine before windows installer even initializes so it doesn't recognize installation rollback as "Failed" but "Finished".
  7. if this is an ESET ON Premise server then you will go through creation using agent live installer per >> https://support.eset.com/en/kb7750-deploy-the-eset-management-agent-to-a-macos-client-using-agent-live-installer If you are using ESET Protect cloud you can do all in one installer for agent and ENDPOINT per >> https://support.eset.com/en/kb6958-install-eset-product-for-macos-using-eset-cloud-administrator-live-installer
  8. I noticed that ESET Protect 9.x in Prem has option to add the column for "Remote Host" in computers. This however is showing the internal IP address of the computers. As it did in Version 5.x ERA will there be any option to add the WAN IP remote host IP or have it available when generating a hardware inventory report for "remote host" ?
  9. @Marcos Then entry in log files is intermittent so when do you run the ESET log collector?
  10. Getting this message "Cannot read from socket: Network is down" in LOG FILES >> Events. Was wondering if anyone had explanation of this error. I looked through previous posts and one suggestion per >> was to disabled "Increased network volumes compatibility' but confirmed on this MAC machine that its not checked. Running Monterrey with all updates and ESET ENDPOINT Security
  11. I have noticed a trend with the version 9.x agent and running the client install task for Windows Update. Before upgrading to Version 9.x agent, when running the "Operating System Update" client task and having all boxes checked for "Automatically accept EULA, Install optional updates and Allow Reboot" the system would restart after updates were done. With version 9, its almost a 4 hour delay until reboot is performed which is causing havoc for customers production servers. For one of the affected servers in the event log for SYSTEM it shows >> The task started at 10:12am and this is not showing until 1:42 PM. I even tested a 6.5 agent and the reboot was done right after all windows updates were done. This is happening on Windows Server OS 2009-2019. Issue can be easily reproduced in any environment. Is issue currently being worked on?
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