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  1. Are you referencing a windows login password? As long as the ESET agent is on the target computer you can go to Admin >> client tasks >> Run Command and use a reset command like >> net user useraccount newpassword . Might be different for Domain login
  2. this is a false positive from the ESET intrusion detection system. You will need to add these IP's into the Trusted zone and addresses excluded from IDS. You can use this KB for a guide >> which is similar to what you will see locally with ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY or via policy. In the policy it will just say "Firewall" instead of personal firewall. I usually just add the whole network like >> but you can just do those specific ip's if you want. Any ARP attack coming from the internet will be flagged regardless of the internal exclusions you are putting into ZONES.
  3. Customer is getting this message after he installed locally using All in one package installer. none of these were activated using a offline license file. Not all machines are doing this but on about 4 different machines we RDP'd into they had it. These machines do not show up in the dynamic group "Computers with outdated modules" so you can only tell my remote desktop on checking locally on the ESET GUI. I have sent out a activation task and update task to no avail. Update locally using "Check for Updates" does not work. Had system rebooted and same. Current policy has them getting updates from the Cache proxy. They are all on the latest version of 6.6 and console is at latest as well.
  4. Hold down the windows key + R on the keyboard to get to the run command and type: cmd >> enter for the command prompt. From the command prompt type >> shutdown /l and enter. From your Windows 10 login screen. do you now see your main windows login?
  5. Yes. It is sent out after renewal. Not "cash" in the clear sense. This is for your records. If you renewed the same product then your license information will stay the same so there is no user intervention needed as the license will update itself.
  6. Marcos. Would excluding that URL from filtering cause a security hole or would other ESET protective measure be able to step in?
  7. Been having more sporadic issues with Outlook since 6.6 came out. Current customer's Outlook 2010 is crashing when "Integrate into Microsoft Outlook" is checked in advanced settings. With this item enabled, right after you click on outlook shortcut icon it goes to "Outlook has stopped responding" and you have to go into task manager to get rid of the window. When you uncheck ESET integration Outlook is normal. Windows 7 OS. I have Procmon logs at your request.
  8. what version of the agent are they on? Have you tried GPO uninstall?
  9. Agent installation error

    what happens when you run the agent live installer batch file?
  10. that was likely just the computer names that were generated for each instance of Anti-theft only.

    Please provide details on verbiage of install failure or any error codes. Did the installation rollback? Have you tried the offline installer as opposed to live installer? Was Eset already installed on this machine or fresh install?
  12. was not able to get dump as tech was ok with re-image of machine. Have not had anymore come in so hope it was a 1 off.
  13. Marcos. Do you have any specifics on the detection >> "Contained Infected Files" . I looked on the online support guide and could not find. thank you.
  14. Just tried to help customer recover system because new build of 6.6.2052 crashed system. Tech was testing this build on his laptop which had 6.5 previous. He is on the Windows 10 Spring Creators update of 1703. The install failed with 1603 Error code. After reboot it now is in startup repair loop.Used a WINPE disk to manually remove ESET drivers from windows/system32/drivers and confirmed ESET Security is not present in program files. Also used WINPE to remove ESET registry items. Rebooted system and same. No safemode options are working either. I even had him run through process of going into recovery console command prompt to move REGBACKUP to config but same.