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  1. FYI i was just checking to see if i was the only one having the internet speed issue and after reading this reply i need to say i am surprised at the statement. which i believe Matus wrote to another member. " This is however a way how every anti malware solution have to work on Big Sur if he wants to scan network traffic for malware" As i ran AVG internet security for Mac Big Sur that also has a proxy which scans for malware NOT slowing down my traffic. That being said i have had ESET on my mac for a long time and usually they do come through with patches etc. I'll Post screen shots showing HOW The ESET Proxy significantly slows down your connection to the internet by doing a speed test. My OS is Mac Big Sur 11.0.1 (20B29). The First will be with ESET Cyber Security Version 6.10.460.1. The Second will be without the proxy connection "Disabling the proxy". WO_Proxy.pdf W_Proxy.pdf
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