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  1. Hello @Saifuddinit Please decrypt your machine following this link: https://help.eset.com/efde/en-US/recovery_data.html Can you also create a submit ticket with us via this link: https://www.eset.com/me/support/contact-support/
  2. Hello @SaintKev Thanks for providing us with the information. I would suggest that you compare the BIOS version of the other systems that are working. If they are different please try to match them and try again.
  3. Hello @GPennarun, Sorry to hear that your tickets are not being responded to, may I ask where you are submitting them? In regards to your issues, the ECA issue does indeed sound like a permission problem, I'm afraid I am only familiar with EFDE, so it is difficult for me to assist you with issues in ECA itself. Unfortunately I do not know why the machines are not showing as encrypted in the server. However, I may be able to suggest another way to obtain the recovery password for your machines. Please try to obtain the recovery information via this method. If you click Help along the banner and select Encryption Recovery as shown on screenshot below. Once the windows opens, you will be prompted to enter Workstation ID, please fill this field in and continue.
  4. Please raise a support ticket with us. It will be easier to communicate there rather than in a support forum.
  5. Hello @Remsup Unfortunately the easier way is to send a decrypt command via the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server. If you don't have access to the server, you are required to do it manually.
  6. Hello @CDE-PCPROFI Can you please raise a support ticket for this problem. There is quite a lot of information needed about such problem and therefore it's not ideal to discuss on the forum.
  7. Hello @mayowa You can use the standard recovery utility and use the admin credentials to decrypt the machine. This is providing that you know the credentials, Please follow our KB article to assist you - https://support.eset.com/en/kb7146-decrypt-a-standalone-system-that-is-unable-to-start-windows
  8. Hello @Stu_McHugh Can you please tell me how you have cleared the TPM? Once you sent the command, did the user see a prompt to reboot? Have you removed the old machine from the Server before attempting to re-encrypt?
  9. Hello @mcrouse, Thanks for informing us, unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce the issue that you are reporting. This message should not be shown if you are already on 3.1.0. I would appreciate it a lot if you could create a ticket with us and provide us with appropriate logs so that we can diagnose this issue. Please create a support ticket here: https://www.eset.com/uk/support/contact/
  10. Hello @QuebecIT, Please can you raise a support ticket regarding this issue, unfortunately without having any type of logs I am unable to tell you the reason behind this failing.
  11. Hello @mcrouse , The new version will not be added to the repository. You may download it manually if you wish so, the update is optional.
  12. Hello @Carlito, We have recently implemented this into our ESET Endpoint Encryption Server. This feature allows you to pass the pre-boot authentication therefore allowing you to work on the machine remotely. Make sure you have upgraded to version 3.0.1. Client also requires 5.0.5. Enabling Maintenance Mode Note: You can select multiple workstations at once to apply this. Not selecting any, will automatically apply this to all workstations. Access your workstations tab Select Pre-Boot Authentication 3.Select Disable/Enable from the drop down. 4.Disabling Pre-Boot Authentication allows you to choose one of the three options (Hours, Date/Time, Reboots)
  13. Hello @Adrianc I just want to inform you that the ESET Endpoint Encryption Server does not have to be installed on a server machine. In regards to your question, in my opinion it will be easier for you to backup the server, upgrade your system to the newest version and then simply restore from the backup.
  14. Hello @mcrouse The version 5.0.4 is not available on the updater as this version was specifically released to as a fix for Surface Go devices and therefore it is deliberately not available. I would not worry about it too much, as you can upgrade to the new client version when it will be available. Hope this helps.
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