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  1. I have tried using the windows MMC (TPM>MSC) and in the BIOS. The send command works and asks for a reboot but after the reboot the console "'Take TPM Ownership' command failed" Workstation lt1221 68439512-F81F-11EA-B8E0-F4D108C9CCE0.html.txt
  2. I have wiped and reinstalled my laptop (Dell Latitude 7490) and now trying to carry out a Full Disk Encryption. From the ESET Endpoint Encryption server i have successfully push out the Endpoint Encryption Client ( and can see in the notification area. I'm trying to use the TPM chip which was used before do getting a prompt to clear it. After a reboot and clear the Endpoint Encryption server can see that it's cleared and get the following message against the machine, TPM Status - The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is unavailable, error 3 Can anyone offer any advise?
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