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  1. Hi Marcos Thanks for this, I have applied to the server and its now updating... I will respond tomorrow to let you know if anything has changed Thanks for your help so far
  2. That screen looks fine as per attached screenshot, its only showing as a warning in our remote administrator portal. Can you link to a guide as to how I switch to the prerelease update please?
  3. Hi Marcos Thank you for the quick response, please see attached screenshots as requested
  4. Hi I have a Windows server 2016 showing as the above in my ERA dashboard Its on version 10.0.12010.0 I have 3 other 2016 servers all on the same build all reporing fine, I am not sure what the issue is with this one. I reinstalled the application and it was showing a fine in the era for a couple of days and then reverted back to the above message. Can you advise how I can find out what resource is missing and how I can resolve it? Many Thanks
  5. Thanks Kieran This will be about 120 machines, which I am happy to complete the above steps as I will be manually installing Authpoint on each machine anyway so I can just do that at the same time. The only issue now is to find a sweetspot number of attempts between the user contacting me before disabling the account and having too many attempts for a potential intruder! Thanks again for getting back to me Regards Kevin
  6. Hi Keiran So a bit more further on with this, when booting in safe mode if I uninstall authpoint and reboot normally I can login again as expected, so at that point I have the working machine back. I am now confident this issue lies 100% with Authpoint, I have a ticket in with them to see if they can stop it from happening what I am going to do at our end is the following, update all machines EEE to and change the default lockout policy from 3 to 12 attempts, in the hope that before someone manages to lock the machine out they will pick up a phone and call me instead! do you know if there are any knowledge base articles regarding rolling out client updates? Regards Kev
  7. Hi Kieran Thank you for the prompt response I went to log it via support but on my Endpoint Encryption it doesnt show a license ID as detailed here https://support.eset.com/en/kb7197-find-product-id-in-eset-endpoint-encryption It only shows a Serial and Group code so not quite sure how to proceed as (we pay via monthly subscription if that helps?) I have logged pretty much the same message on the Authpoint forums but no response yet! You are correct it was a full reinstall of Windows, I am fairly sure that when this happened on the first machine I looked in Programs and fetaures and Authpoint wasnt in the list. I can see it on my machine now, so I wonder if that not showng was something to do with safe boot maybe? Only changes would have been the Authpoint install I currently have the machine with our external IT/Resellers who have said that its using an over version of the Encryption (5.0.7) so they are going to update it to the latest version, I am not sure how they plan to do that whilst its stuck in safe mode, but I will see if that helps also..
  8. Hi All I have a bit of an unusual situation here and I am not sure how to prevent it from happening. We have been using ESET Encryption for several years with no issues, I have recently taken on Watchguard Authpoint and installed it on machines for MFA. I have now had two machines have the following situation happen, a user has managed to disable their Encryption due to an incorrect password being entered 3 times, after this they have to use the reset password option, I give them a recovery password and then it boots into windows, the login screen appears (so windows background but its all fuzzy) but no logon box ever appears, no buttons on the screen for ease of access, shutdown, switch user anything... all you can do is hold in the power button on the PC to shut the device down. I can get a logon box if I boot into safe mode so I can still access the machine that wasy but obviously I cant work on the machine in safe boot. Unfortunately no other Encryption users are set up on that machine so I cant try and access the machine via another account (however in safe boot I can still log on as any domain user) I think the issue is being caused by Authpoint rather than Encryption but I am posting here in the hopes that someone else may have encountered this issue and knows how to prevent it happening? I have had this happen on 3 machines so far, and the only solution I have found is to do a full reinstall. Any help would be greatly apperciated, thank you.
  9. Thanks @Kristian Cajkovsky I wont be at that office for a few weeks but will have a look at that when next on site
  10. Hi, bit of a strange one this, wondering if anyone else has had the same issue or knows a fix? I have a user on Windows 7 Dell Optiplex 7020. He has two monitors plugeged into the machine a Dell P2212H and a Dell E2316H When the user turns on or restarts his machine, if he has both monitors plugged and they go straight into sleep mode. The computer is awke and is awaiting user credentials As soon as you enter the username and password for the encryption the monitors both wake up and its business as usual. If he only has one monitor connected at boot the monitor never enters sleep mode. This is only affecting one user, the majority of our staff use two monitors, at least three other users are using an optiplex 7020 but not these monitors, I have tried this with two other monitors and the same thing happens. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Thanks
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