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  1. Figured out it had to do with the user being in a "HelpDesk" role so after modification it was working.
  2. Once I am logged into ESET ENDPOINT Encryption Server and double clicking on a computer to get more details I get a "JavaScript Error. URL hxxp://wp1mgmt01/dlpes/js/en-US/dlpes_core.js?3.1.0 . Message >> Uncaught TypeError: cannot read property "add" of undefined. This only happens on one computer using IE and Firefox. Console works fine on other computers but this Junior Admin's laptop. Does Java need to be reinstalled or is there some other issue?
  3. I notice on all installs of ESMC that the message in Status Overview always comes up in RED! "Notifications containing in accessible objects. " and has number. This is referencing the Notifications which do not have email address added to notification. Why is this the default especially if the customer is not using SMTP server settings to send out notifications? It throws off reporting. Is there any way to resolve this outside of adding an email address to ever single notification which I usually highly recommend not doing as it creates to much noise for the customer getting the notifications.
  4. What about the DNS Poisoning attack detection? is there a specific reason this is not turned on by default for the IDS?
  5. I noticed the default setting for ENDPOINT FOR WINDOWS POLICY in ESMC, in the IDS section the item called "Display notifications also for incoming attacks against security holes"and "DNS Poisoning attack detection" items are unchecked. I have customer who is wanting details on why these two items are turned off and by turning them on would cause possible false detections? I have seen notices in ESMC about security exploits when it comes to things like SMB exploits and thought that referenced "Display notifications also for incoming attacks against security holes" . Can anyone provided information on why these two items are not selected be default in the policy?
  6. MichalJ. it does not have to do with adjusting columns. The option to resolve threats is not available unless the group is set to "ALL" for the specific permission set/
  7. Yes. When creating the Permission set there is nothing related to malware cleaning. Can we add this as feature request? I was also able to reproduce issue in my own environment and you can do the same by doing the following>> Create Test static group, Create Test permission set (Grant all functionality), create test USER and assigned to permission set. Run as a test https://www.amtso.org/feature-settings-check-potentially-unwanted-applications/. Go to "Detections" when logged into this new user account and "RESOLVE" is not available when checking box(s). Log out of test user account and log back in with Administrator native account. Edit Test permission group and set to GROUP "ALL" instead of TEST GROUP and then log out and back in with TEST user account. Resolve is now available.
  8. I created a permission set and assigned to a login to ESMC to only certain Static Groups. After logging into this new account the option to mark threats as resolved is greyed out. If I set this permission set to the group "ALL" then I am able to mark threats as resolved. Is it like this be design and can threats only be marked as resolved when permission set is set to GROUP "ALL"?
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