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  1. Yes I tried that and it did work but if you do that, the ESET icons shows warning like something is wrong which I don't like. I have been asking for years for ESET to allow us to selectively install some of the components like Avast/AVG does but in vain. My biggest issues with ESET has always been its HTTP scanner.
  2. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall NOD32 as I had to work and this was causing me a lot of headaches.
  3. Ever since updating to the new NOD32 last night my VPN which is hide.me can't connect until I either disable NOD32 temporarily or disable the Network Traffic Scanner, once it is connected and I enable NOD32 the VPN will continue to work but the initial connection doesn't happen anymore until NOD32 is disabled or the Network Traffic Scanner is diabled. I have also added the VPN to the exclusions and also allowed it in the web access under excluded apps
  4. I've added ESET GUI and ekrn.exe to the exclusions in my VPN so they don't use the VPN when I connect to it because that's what's triggering this error is when I connect to the VPN, been 15 mins and so far I didn't get that message. Will keep monitoring this and report back.
  5. so I installed Wireshark then rebooted then connected to the VPN, for about 20 mins, I didn't get that error from NOD32, then the moment I opened NOD32 and clicked on update, the issue appeared, I then went to Wireshark and stopped the packet capturing but got this message: I didn't see it logging anything. I will format my laptop later as I need a fresh start anyway, hopefully this won't come back again and since I'm the only one who mentioned this issue, maybe it is something with my system
  6. I notice every time I connect to my VPN (I use hide.me) this is happening after a few minutes. This never happened in the past I've been using the same VPN and NOD32 for years just pinged: avcloud.e5.sk
  7. Running NOD32 Antivirus , I am getting this popup notification from time to time randomly: limited Direct Cloud connectivity issue I have the ESET GUI and ekrn.exe rule set to allow in my Windows Firewall settings. I am running the latest build of Windows 11 23H2 After getting that popup, I see everything looks ok in the main UI, no notifications Is this like a temporary glitch?
  8. Working fine here, if you have an adblocker or any extension that may interfere with website loading such as ghostery and whatnot, make sure you exclude ESET's site from it. Also, to tule out any possible problems with browser extensions, try opening a New Private Window/In cognito window of your browser which shouldn't have any extensions then try to login and see if the issue still persists.
  9. Please stop typing everything in capital letters, this is considered shouting and rude on the internet
  10. I use TOR and it works perfectly fine with NOD32 active, no need for any exclusions even. Make sure you download it from a legit source like: https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/tor_browser_bundle_64.html
  11. Thank you for the instructions, I rebooted the machine but this time the error didn't happen.
  12. This error has come back again. I experienced this twice now in 2 days. ESET GUI Dump file
  13. what is the difference between Detection Exclusions and Performance Exclusions?
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