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  1. Right, thanks for the clarification guys
  2. Just saw this on Newegg. Is this the same old NOD32 with some nice marketing?
  3. I contacted the customer to get those details for you but he said he solved the issue. He said he had to setup some dummy account for the Anti-Theft and now that warning is gone! Thanks a lot
  4. So yesterday I logged in to one of our customers laptop to tweak it for him but he has had already installed ESET Internet Security before I logged in to his laptop. Anyway, there is this warning that won't go away. If I hit Check Again, it goes away immediately then comes back after a few seconds. I also tried creating an account for him on My ESET and ensured to click on the online checks and whatnot where it said it will be done in a few minutes and he got a prompt on his laptop for webcam access so everything is working fine but this warning won't go away. Any ideas?
  5. Pausing Web Access Protection makes no difference Disabling protocol filtering worked
  6. So I was trying to upload an ISO file on Mega.NZ but when I click upload, the progress bar stays at 0% I then tried to upload the file on Let's Upload.org , same thing, it gives an error immediately that the upload cannot be completed. I then disabled NOD32 and the upload started right away Can someone suggest ESET to fix this without me having to disable HTTP scanning?
  7. I didn't try that but as I mentioned, adding Tobbi to the performance exclusions fixed it. @itman I just submitted a technical ticket to ESET
  8. I don't have Gamer mode enabled. What does that do exactly? I was under the impression that it only mutes notifications so they won't come in my way during gaming. You're right maybe ESET is thinking it's a webcam, but adding it to the performance exclusions fixed the issue.
  9. I have an Alienware laptop which has an Eye interaction device built in called Tobii. Today I was just browsing the web when I suddenly started hearing the fans spin up and they kept spinning at high speed so I thought something was fishy. I opened task manager and noticed a process called Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe having constant 20% usage when normally it would just be 1.3 to 2% usage only. I then Googled this and got a result from Reddit forums of other users having the same issue, they were not using NOD32, some were using BitDefender, others Kaspersky, etc. So I added Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe to the Performance Exclusions and rebooted. Now the CPU Usage is fine and Tobii is back to only using 1-2% I don't know how to report this to ESET as it's not exactly a false positive since it's not detected as a virus or PUP or anything of that nature, perhaps ESET can whitelist that process or I dunno what they can do about this to solve this issue which may affect thousands of Alienware users and they might not even realise it. Virus Total Report = https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2ec7e4761a9e52773ced6a08195a599650438b441f409426ea8a5718dcfe804f/detection File Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii EyeXTobii.EyeX.Engine.exe SHA1 = 22e1f041c3ed069b0369dd18958afbd0aa70c921 MD5 = c9f41b3e6bb6441371d4a8857498c73d
  10. Just saw this on the Dell website under the Alienware Area-51m Laptop Drivers: Dell Security Advisory Update - DSA-2020-059 Any idea what is this?
  11. I have LiveGrid enabled, it's fine now after a reboot. Thanks.
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