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  1. I didn't try that but as I mentioned, adding Tobbi to the performance exclusions fixed it. @itman I just submitted a technical ticket to ESET
  2. I don't have Gamer mode enabled. What does that do exactly? I was under the impression that it only mutes notifications so they won't come in my way during gaming. You're right maybe ESET is thinking it's a webcam, but adding it to the performance exclusions fixed the issue.
  3. I have an Alienware laptop which has an Eye interaction device built in called Tobii. Today I was just browsing the web when I suddenly started hearing the fans spin up and they kept spinning at high speed so I thought something was fishy. I opened task manager and noticed a process called Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe having constant 20% usage when normally it would just be 1.3 to 2% usage only. I then Googled this and got a result from Reddit forums of other users having the same issue, they were not using NOD32, some were using BitDefender, others Kaspersky, etc. So I added Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe to the Performance Exclusions and rebooted. Now the CPU Usage is fine and Tobii is back to only using 1-2% I don't know how to report this to ESET as it's not exactly a false positive since it's not detected as a virus or PUP or anything of that nature, perhaps ESET can whitelist that process or I dunno what they can do about this to solve this issue which may affect thousands of Alienware users and they might not even realise it. Virus Total Report = https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2ec7e4761a9e52773ced6a08195a599650438b441f409426ea8a5718dcfe804f/detection File Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Tobii\Tobii EyeXTobii.EyeX.Engine.exe SHA1 = 22e1f041c3ed069b0369dd18958afbd0aa70c921 MD5 = c9f41b3e6bb6441371d4a8857498c73d
  4. Hi Marcos, I suggested to ESET in the past to give us an easier way of whitelisting by allowing us to multi select folders/apps in one shot rather than having to do it one at a time but they never replied to me or implemented it in the latest NOD32. See how easy it is to add items to the exclusion with checkbox multi selection method. this is just on example of many AVs out there which allow that
  5. Another suggestion, I was using Emsisoft Anti-Malware for a while and I love how easy it is to whitelist/exclude files with it. The reason it's easier in EAM is because once you exclude a certain file or folder, the next time you open the exclude button, it automatically navigates to the last folder you were in. so let's say I went to C:\Program Files, then selected a folder to exclude, the next time I open exclusions to browse for the file/folder I want to exclude, it automatically starts the navigation in C:\Program Files making it very easy to whitelist the folders of programs I definitely want to exclude rather than having to start navigating from the beginning and going to C:, then expanding it, then again expanding Program Files. Takes a lot of time when one has a lot of stuff he wants to exclude. Another way we can do it is to have a checkbox selection in the exclude window so one can exclude multiple folders and/or files at the same time
  6. Please make a black theme for the GUI to match the Windows 10 Dark mode theme in PC Settings
  7. @Marcos I would love to see the ability to be able to exclude multiple files/folders at the same time. Panda Antivirus Free/Pro has that feature and it makes whitelisting stuff much faster and easier using checkboxes rather than selecting each file or folder one at a time Thank you
  8. Just released, ESET NOD32 Antivirus/EIS v10.0.171.0 Beta = https://www.eset.com/int/beta/edition2017/
  9. Says access denied when I try to do step 1: Proc.png disable hips restart try again and dont forget to enable hips after that I already stated that the problem is solved long ago and now we're already on a new build.
  10. so here is the final solution to install the latest update thanks to xxJackxx: 1- While NOD32 is running, go to the start menu > ESET, then right click on ESET NOD32 Antivirus icon and choose run as admin. 2- This will re-launch the GUI in Admin Mode with full privileges 3- Now run the update again and you will immediately notice it is actually downloading the files then will proceed with the installation. 4- Reboot when prompted to do so to complete the installation Note: If you want to save the installer for future use, it is located in: C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET NOD32 Antivirus\Installer and is named: NUPEFEF.msi this way you can install the latest version in the future right away
  11. Wow!! who would've thought!! So simple!! thank you so much chief! Not even the ESET support knew that when they just emailed me telling me they have forwarded the issue to the developer you are a genius
  12. I was never able to do an internal of an ESET product. They cannot seem to get this right since years.
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