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  1. So yesterday I logged in to one of our customers laptop to tweak it for him but he has had already installed ESET Internet Security before I logged in to his laptop. Anyway, there is this warning that won't go away. If I hit Check Again, it goes away immediately then comes back after a few seconds. I also tried creating an account for him on My ESET and ensured to click on the online checks and whatnot where it said it will be done win a few minutes and he got a prompt on his laptop for webcam access so everything is working fine but this warning won't go away. Any ideas?
  2. All good now! Thank you so much for your superb and fast support!
  3. Pausing Web Access Protection makes no difference Disabling protocol filtering worked
  4. So I was trying to upload an ISO file on Mega.NZ but when I click upload, the progress bar stays at 0% I then tried to upload the file on Let's Upload.org , same thing, it gives an error immediately that the upload cannot be completed. I then disabled NOD32 and the upload started right away Can someone suggest ESET to fix this without me having to disable HTTP scanning?
  5. I didn't try that but as I mentioned, adding Tobbi to the performance exclusions fixed it. @itman I just submitted a technical ticket to ESET
  6. I don't have Gamer mode enabled. What does that do exactly? I was under the impression that it only mutes notifications so they won't come in my way during gaming. You're right maybe ESET is thinking it's a webcam, but adding it to the performance exclusions fixed the issue.
  7. I have an Alienware laptop which has an Eye interaction device built in called Tobii. Today I was just browsing the web when I suddenly started hearing the fans spin up and they kept spinning at high speed so I thought something was fishy. I opened task manager and noticed a process called Tobii.EyeX.Engine.exe having constant 20% usage when normally it would just be 1.3 to 2% usage only. I then Googled this and got a result from Reddit forums of other users having the same issue, they were not using NOD32, some were using BitDefender, others Kaspersky, etc. So I added Tobii.EyeX.Eng
  8. Just saw this on the Dell website under the Alienware Area-51m Laptop Drivers: Dell Security Advisory Update - DSA-2020-059 Any idea what is this?
  9. I have LiveGrid enabled, it's fine now after a reboot. Thanks.
  10. I updated my virus signature and it's still being detected Detection Engine: 21247 (20200429) Rapid Response module: 16159 (20200429) Update module: 1021 (20200218) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1561 (20200326) Advanced heuristics module: 1198 (20200316) Archive support module: 1301 (20200403) Cleaner module: 1208 (20200319) Anti-Stealth support module: 1161 (20200306) ESET SysInspector module: 1276 (20200217) Translation support module: 1796 (20200421) HIPS support module: 1388 (20200331) Internet protection module: 1395 (20200331) Database module: 1110 (20190827) Confi
  11. What's weird is, if I scan the ZIP File, NOD32 says it's clean but when I extract it, it says CCleaner.exe and CCleaner64.exe are infected! So how come the scan of the ZIP file said it's clean? 🙄
  12. This is the first time ESET detects CCleaner as malware. I submitted this to ESET as a false positive. Using the portable version by the way. Time;Scanner;Object type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here 29-Apr-20 8:39:25 PM;Real-time file system protection;file;D:\Software\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe;Suspicious Object;cleaned by deleting;INVADER\Spartan;Event occurred during an attempt to access the file by the application: C:\Windows\explorer.exe (C8F083E4B6C60F7BB30F123DDA1ADC30B821F982).;4627B9C1B8CC3218121CB358042D35B74B7D496E;18-Apr-20 2:54:25 AM 29-
  13. I find AV-TEST to be heavily biased and their tests make no sense to me. If you sort their results by performance category for example, you will find that 50% of the AVs get a 6/6 score! That is in no way the case as I've tested them all in real life! Kaspersky for example taking 6/6 for performance is a big lie! It is heavy and so is Trend Micro. IMHO they are being paid to publish not very honest results. I only trust AV-Comparatives. See how great ESET does in terms of performance, they are number 1: https://www.av-comparatives.org/comparison/?usertype=consumer&chart_chart=chart4&a
  14. I know that screen very well but I never got it. This is where I downloaded that installer from but for some reason now I can't see the download button.
  15. Thanks for the explanation. I get number 2 now. But regarding point 1, no sir this is a clean install not an upgrade. I think ESET is now embedding the product key within the installer if you download it from My ESET near the license there is a Download Button. I am pretty sure because I copy/pasted the product key and was awaiting the point where it would ask me to enter the key or login via My Eset credentials but it didn't unless it actually sensed that key that I copied to the Windows clipboard and used that automatically. Anyway, it's a nice feature IMO I was just curious.
  16. I'm an old customer since the days of NOD32 v2 but last year I switched to other products as I was not happy with ESET but decided to give it another try now so I bought a 3 year license for NOD32. I have a couple of questions: 1) When I installed it using the downloader that I got when I bought it, it didn't ask for a product key and just activated automatically. Is that something new I guess? Pretty neat.2) What I'm confused about is under exclusions there is performance exclusions and detection exclusions, can someone explain what is performance exclusions?
  17. What I usually do is whitelist both folder locations of such programs, one from my source drive which is the partition on my laptop and another for my external backup SSD, never had a problem and then it doesn't matter if the file hash was changed or updated. Does that not work for you?
  18. My boss at work has this same issue and I had to disable Email filtering for him. I wish ESET would fix this sluggish performance issue so we don't need to disable it completely.
  19. Even if you disable Windows Defender, it services still run in the background. I always disable them with this reg tweak, it will only work if Windows Defender is disabled which in your case it is. This is the reg file: Disable Windows Defender.reg This is how my Windows Defender services look like:
  20. I have both the Pro and Free version of MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.0 The Pro version seems to be clean but ESET detects the free version as a PUP. Here are the Virus Total results: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/95dc5fadc420231d05e5106353f9998141e23421f92ac4048c83af5a546b4e0f/detection Is this really a threat or is it an FP as ESET seems to be the only AV that detects this.
  21. I'd never buy a license from eBay no matter what. They are sold to multiple people and sooner or later will be flagged by the ESET Licensing Server and de-activated. You get what you pay for. Only buy from the Official ESET Resellers or website directly or from newegg which sells boxed versions of older years at a very cheap price but they still work and can be activated on the latest version of NOD32
  22. Sorry I might have misunderstood you. How can I see this Open Folder Location context menu? I tried right clicking on a folder but can only see "Open in New Window"" also, when doing changes to the registry, you need to disable NOD32 first as it prevents tampering with the registry. Disable NOD32, do the changes that you want then reboot immediately,
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