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  1. Thank you very much Martin! I'll disable that and I'll contact you if need be.
  2. Yes this is correct. I mean the listing of machines in the console. For elaboration this is how our folders are setup. Recently boarded computers auto route to the "Lost & found" folder. However if there is a computer with the exact name it will go into the "Customers" folder and go into the subfolder (in our case the subfolder is a company)
  3. Hello to whomever may read this. I recently found a "bug" or maybe I have it setup wrong. When boarding a computer onto ESET I noticed that when a computer has a duplicate name it will automatically go into a subfolder rather than our boarding folder. (for elaboration I have agents go to the boarding folder then I move the computer into the respective subfolder.) Say I board a computer named "win2k19svr" and there is already a computer with the same name in a folder, it will automatically go into that folder. Is there anyway of preventing that or is that just the way it works due to having duplicate names?
  4. The only issue with updating is the Restarting after the update goes through. The antivirus is inactive and certain clients have a trouble getting the restart done (at least for me). It's very hard to contact individual users when a company has ex. 50 users especially when they seem to always shut off their computers (despite asking not to). Nonetheless good to see there is a setting for this function.
  5. Just wondering if there's a way to sort all our system's by the Management Agent Version rather than just the Endpoint Antivirus version. The product filter on our server doesn't seem to have an option to search "ESET Management Agent" and only "ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Server Security". We have a ton of offline systems that we are currently sorting through, however we would like to push the Management Agent update out so it's a little bit difficult to figure out which ones are left we need to update. (Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum. A bit new here)
  6. As Marcos said above, it's more of a hibernation/deep sleep with default Windows settings. Control Panel>Change to Large/Small Icons>Power Options>Choose What Power Buttons Do From here change the Power Button to Shut Down if not already, then as Marcos said Turn off Fast Startup.
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