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BUG - OS Last boot time is related to reboot task


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I am interested in new feature available in Eset Protect Cloud V4.

In Protect Cloud changelog I see ADDED: Last boot time in computer details (boot, not restart).

Well, this field is only calculated when clients perform a restart. If you shutdown a client and then you perform a normal startup, "OS Last boot time" field will not be resetted. 



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  • ESET Staff

Hello. this might be related to a fact, that "shutdown" actually not shutting down the computer, but putting it into some state of hibernation (when the "fast startup" is enabled"). I would expect, that when you disable it, then the particular entry will be correctly updated. 

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disabling "fast boot" the issue is not fixed. The bug may be related to the way in which agent analyzes the windows events. 

If I clear all windows events and I shutdown, on next reboot the "os last boot time" will be correctly updated. Anyway it is a temprary fix. If you reboot and then shutdown/startup again the system, the field will not be updated anymore until next reboot.



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