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    LesRMed gave kudos to rekun in Negative effects when system is not restarted after ESET update   
    Okay, are there any plans to add this to server products as well, as they are even harder to get a reboot window for?
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in NOD32 Gamer Mode Shortcut (?)   
    I recommend contacting your local ESET distributor and asking for the feature while providing more information on the use case. The more users will request it, the higher chance we will consider adding it providing that the feature would be useful for many of our users.
    Since everything has been said and explained, we'll draw this topic to a close.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to XR219 in Command line options for epi_win_live_installer.exe? (especially silent)   
    I should add that running the command manually epi_win_live_installer.exe --silent --accepteula --avr-disable from the command line on the machine, with admin rights also does.... you've guessed it... nothing (or its doing it very slowly in the background, I've waited an hour). So clearly the switches for the on prem ESMC don't work with cloud protect. Frustrating would be one word for it.
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    LesRMed received kudos from MichalJ in MSP License quantity update   
    This worked for me:
    Login to ESET MSP Administrator Press F12 Go to Applications > Local Storage > https://msp.eset.com Delete the key PendingRequests Reload the ESET MSP Administrator portal (Ctrl+F5)
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    LesRMed gave kudos to karsayor in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    Description: Automate the "rerun on failed" trigger
    Detail: When upgrading Endpoint or Agents to latest version, often it might fail on some computers due to many reasons. It would be nice to have the ability to automate the trigger on these because as of now you have to constantly monitor and rerun many times the task. Using a dynamic group also doesn't work since the task will run when computers joins group but if it fails it will not run again.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to URBAN0 in I Am Very Ticked Off!   
    itman would be undoubtedly the person to award for his big contribution of helping others on this forum 👌
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in I Am Very Ticked Off!   
    Why did I anticipate this was going to be the answer?
    So let's analyze this. I have been an Eset customer since 2014. Not only do I pay a full license renew price, but the renewal price is considerable higher that a new license price. So it appears Eset's sales strategy is "to sock it to" their existing customers so they can lower the price to entice new customers.
    This might be for me "the last straw that permanently broke the Eset use back."
    Also considering the amount of time I spend on the Eset forum helping others, I should receive a free Eset license each year!
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in A new virus?! (Eset + Microsoft defender and Windows updates are gone)   
    Hard to say what went on in this device in the week or so since this malware was detected. From MBAM's findings to date, it appears to be coin mining related. But who knows if a backdoor or more malware, spyware, etc. were also installed in the interim?
    If it were my device, I would indeed reformat and reinstall Win 10 20H2.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to karlisi in Future changes to ESET Security Management Center / ESET Remote Administrator   
    This was in Cloud Administrator topic but should be here too
    Description: A new task/setting to reboot computers with a popup message warning,
    Detail: Add the possibility to notify user that computer will be restarted when reboot computer task is triggered and let them for example 5 minutes to save/close programs/data.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to MichalJ in Activated License Count Off   
    Hello, I will recommend you two solutions, that are in my mind: 
    Forcibly deactivate all of the servers, and then try to reactivate them manually. If there is a glitch, it might correct itself (if your servers are managed by ESMC, you should be able to reactivate them easily by the product activation task from there) If you do not want to do what is in the step 1, create a support ticket, so our teams will check it in the database / backend of EBA, to check, why it shows +1 activate seat Units column indicates the number of concurrent terminal sessions on that partcular server, per my level of knowledge. 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in zippyshare.com - HTML/ScrInject.B Trojaner   
    The fact is the site is running dodgy adverts. Whether or not you agree with with eset blocking these does not change that fact.
    I myself would rather eset blocked these things and then leave it up to the user to decide if they want to add it as an exception. Users wouldn't be happy if they didn't have an adblocker and got infected because eset didn't block them.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to TomasP in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    Unlike companies like Microsoft, ESET operates on the base of partnership. Therefore, with the exception of a few countries, ESET does not have its own presence on the market, but is instead represented by a local company that has the rights to distribute the products and use the logo, name, domain, trademarks, etc.
    These companies then can sell the products themselves, as well as via a network of resellers - the prices are generally the same, so it does not matter whether the customer buys the license from ESET's website, or an authorized reseller. The redirection is not done to ESET's website from the reseller's website, but only from other country's ESET website to the customer's local ESET website - and that is to ensure each customer can get support in their own local language, which is something ESET takes pride in.
    The resellers may be listed on the local ESET website, so that they can be checked by prospective customers, but in other countries, this may be done differently to fit the situation or local customs.
    As for Slovakia, where ESET HQ is located, we have the list published at https://www.eset.com/sk/firemna-it-bezpecnost/partnerstvo/kraje/ (it is even broken down by regions).
    Buying from these resellers guarantees the license is genuine and there is no shady activity involved. Buying from other resellers may still turn out okay, provided they obtained the license in the same country and don't resell it multiple times, but that is a risk we do not recommend taking. (Also, the unauthorized reseller is breaking the product's EULA, as they are not allowed to further sell the license).
    Suspiciously low-priced licenses are always indicators of piracy, as they tend to be purchased in countries where the prices are lower, copying the buying power of that market, and then resold without ESET's authorization elsewhere, most often to several people at the same time too. When ESET is made aware of such licenses, they may be deactivated without prior notice.
    A good indication of a trusted reseller is that when you purchase the license, you obtain a license key that you can register yourself in ESET's systems under your own name and email address. Unauthorized resellers generally don't have access to such "blank" licenses, so they register the license under their own name and email and only provide you with the license key to use in the product, but you can't register it on ESET's website as your own, because it was already registered by the reseller. Therefore, in ESET's database, the reseller is the rightful owner who may use the license, not you.
    Sorry if this was too technical or too long, I just wanted to explain the licensing and sales model properly, so that it is understood well by everybody.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to peteyt in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    In reality though most companies will not help people who have bought their products from an illegal reseller.
    Again though I do agree that the person on the chat should have explained things more rather than saying that is not your license which you could read as you stole it.
    I think maybe there should be a script for future when this happens to avoid any misunderstandings e.g. with the eset rep explaining that the license has been miss sold and the seller was a scammer. This should stop the victim feeling at fault or feeling they are being accused of something
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    LesRMed gave kudos to itman in Rude and unhelpful customer support   
    Also since this invalid license issue keeps arising in the forum, I will say this.
    Eset and every other company I know of will not assist in any way for a misappropriated product. For what it is worth, I believe Eset "goes out of its way" in these situations.
    It is repeatedly stressed in this forum to only purchase a license directly from Eset or one of its in country authorized distributors.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to MichalJ in Future changes to ESET Cloud Administrator   
    Hello @damtechmatt I have good news for you. Towards the end of the year, we will be releasing an update to ESET Cloud Administrator (It will come with adjusted naming) that will remove the "size limitation" of 250 seats, and will also be available for our MSP partners to order / provision cloud instance from the ESET MSP Administrator (msp.eset.com).  So stay tuned for upcoming news in the following months. 
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in D:/ been infected   
    Since your statements are in no way related to ESET or security in general, we'll draw this topic to a close.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to Marcos in Forum Feedback   
    Was that option in the mobile version of the forum in the past? The mobile version isn't 1:1 to the desktop version and may be missing some elements that are not used a lot by users.
    Anyways, we have made a change so that if you open a topic with unread posts it will jump to the first unread post automatically.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to sreece in Product Version Status : Agents Outdated   
    Marcos, updating via task is easy enough, but it would be useful if you could simply click on the outdated agents list in the dashboard and the update the management agent. Currently, you always get a message saying that no products that can be updated automatically can be found.
    Additionally, it's time-consuming to go through the list of PCs and match up the hosts that need to be updated while excluding the hosts that already are, especially since you can't sort the older version list by host name and have to export to csv, open in Excel, and replace the "spol. s r.o.;7.X.XXX.X;"  string with nothing to get a sortable host name.

    Maybe I'm doing this wrong? What happens if a host already has the latest version? Will it re-install and require a reboot or will it skip that host?
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    LesRMed received kudos from MichalJ in Server showing up under AV license in MSP   
    Thanks! That did the trick! Now I can sleep at night.
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    LesRMed gave kudos to MichalJ in Server showing up under AV license in MSP   
    Hello @LesRMed Techncally, EFSW and EEA share the same "activation matrix" , meaning it is technically possible to activate EFSW with the EEA (ESET Endpoint Antivirus) or EEPS (ESET Endpoint Protection Standard) license.
    You can easily "move" the EFSW under the right license by simply sending an product activation task to the computer where the EFSW is running, including the "File Security" license. 
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