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  1. Installed new version yesterday. Connection to O365 now working again, thanks. One thing I noticed, is that only mailboxes that were made on-prem and later migrated to the cloud, are visible. Mailboxes made in the Cloud are not.
  2. oh, okay.... well that's too bad then. Thanks for checking.
  3. So, by setting this one in policy right? that doesn't seem to be working, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here......
  4. Due to compatibility, some computers still need to run Windows 7. But since last week, the they get the status "You're using an outdated version of your operating system" in ESET Protect. Is there a way to hide or acknowledge this status? I don't like to Mute them as it will not show any messages then.
  5. Any news on when the next major EMSX is coming? The end of the year is nearing.
  6. It would be a nice feature if we could push the update manually, in the way the automatic update works. So select a group of endpoints to be updated next time there is a restart.
  7. The new version fixed this issue, Shared mailboxes can now be scanned again. On thing you need to do, is when a mailbox was changed from User mailbox to Shared mailbox after migration to EXO, you'll need to set : msExchRecipientTypeDetails = 34359738368 Otherwise ESET still won't see it.
  8. That is great news! any indication on when this might be released?
  9. Yes I think you are right with the 5 a day. Funny to see the difference between them, 2 are required and 3 are recommended. All running the same previous version, on the same OS.
  10. ESET mail security does not 'see' shared mailboxes , unless the associated AD user is enabled (which by design should be disabled) To scan shared mailboxes now, you should enable the user, scan it, then disable again.
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