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  1. We have one desktop computer that requires some additional scanning exclusions other than what we have set up in our standard desktop policy. We have a Windows Desktop Dynamic Group which applies the appropriate policies to all Desktop computers. I want to have a Static Group for this one special desktop computer that has a policy that only adds the additional exclusions necessary. My question is - do the policies applied to the Dynamic Group still apply and will the policy with the additional exclusions add or replace the existing exclusions? A quick read through the documentation did not reveal any info about how the policies apply in this situation. Thanks for any input.
  2. Hello, We currently have Mail Security for Exchange version 4.5.10023 on our Exchange 2013 servers. Do I need to uninstall version 4.5.10023 first, or can I install 7.0.10022.0 over the top and have it automatically uninstall the old version? Thanks.
  3. "Last successful update" would work fine. In the meantime, I will adjust the settings you outlined above. Again, thanks for listening to my feedback.
  4. Thank you for looking into the suggestion. We only have a few computers that would have multiple users logged in at one time. In 5.x, the logged in user shows up as "Multiple users". It doesn't happen often, so it wouldn't be a problem for us. To clarify - I'm asking to have the option to display this info in the computer table. Either have it off by default, but allow admins to enable it or vice-versa. Regarding the Detection engine, what I am looking for (and what we used the VSDB info for) is to be able to see at a quick glance, which machines are not updated. I suppose that ESMC will flag machines in red if they have an issue, but then we have to drill down to find out what is going on. Sometimes it's as simple as the machine being turned off, which we don't need to investigate.
  5. Description: Add fields to Computers list Detail: In ESET ERA 5.x you could customize the fields in the list of computers. It made it very easy to see what user is logged into a particular machine because you could add a custom field with the username. In ESMC, you have to click on the machine, then click Show Details and then scroll down to Users to see who is logged in. The same goes for the Virus DB version (now called Detection Engine in ESMC). Please give administrators the option to make the console less click intensive. We need to be able to find info quickly without having to click and scroll so much. Thanks for listening.