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  1. Hi Download the beta version with version 15.0.6 when it is ready Is there a specific link to download the beta?
  2. Is version 8 of ESET File Security available?
  3. hi marcos Version Endpoint 8 release date not specified ?
  4. The first question is when the ٍEndpoint version 8 will be ready ? And is this version ( endpoint version 8 ) installable for Windows 7 clients? Can version 7.3 be installed on Windows 7 client?
  5. dear Marcos I'm very willing to use it, will you make it possible for me?
  6. hi I need to install internet security v13 at the same time enter the file information and file xml config the license on the command line syntax --accepteula --msi-property PRODUCTTYPE=eis PRODUCT_LANG=1033 PRODUCT_LANG_CODE=en-US ADMINCFG ACTIVATION_DATA=key:AAAA-BBBB-CCCC-DDDD-EEEE
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