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  1. I checked, you don't do this anymore hxxp://update.eset.com/eset_upd/v12/dll/update.ver
  2. Can the software that was already installed and had a 2-year license be updated now?
  3. I did not get the answer Is version 12 no longer updated?
  4. Marcus is not cracked I just installed it and faced this error And to be sure, I used a trial license and sent it to you
  5. Hello Is the antivirus version 12 no longer updated?
  6. hi List all ESET products for which the Mirror Tool can download module updates (unless --excluded Products is used). I have a problem with this option in this app, please help --listUpdatableProducts example please
  7. Hi Download the beta version with version 15.0.6 when it is ready Is there a specific link to download the beta?
  8. Is version 8 of ESET File Security available?
  9. hi marcos Version Endpoint 8 release date not specified ?
  10. The first question is when the ٍEndpoint version 8 will be ready ? And is this version ( endpoint version 8 ) installable for Windows 7 clients? Can version 7.3 be installed on Windows 7 client?
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