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  1. Something else which would be awesome is some kind of Application Whitelisting Function. - Like Windows AppLocker or this McAfee Application Control which allows Whitelisting Applications and deny everything else on a client system to run.
  2. Hi, i forwared a javascript file which came zipped and packed in a .vhd File by Mail to the ESET Threat Defense to let it be scanned. - Did not took that long to recognize it as crypto.trojan malware...the test client with ESET Endpoint Security and also activated Dynamic Defense License is not recognizing this file as malware. (scan result is still: clean). EDTD Scan: https://d.edtd.eset.com/details?hash=5A9DA791E9A2A1FF87A11C2F5E2862D0FE8719D9&key=3905694752422291548&lang=de_DE&era_ver=7.0 JS File: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/94450fb4e7d4e8a1c03e52d69081868de969f773a571334102e068375e58d3fd/detection I let download my clients signature updates every 60 Seconds. How long will it take to recognize this critical malware on the clients? would eset stop the file execution maybe on runtime? atm i setup a VM Environement to check this and for later files which are trying to crypto the company
  3. Description: Automatic Client Isolation Detail: So if ESET Performs a System Scan and finds an infected process which was not recognized before, it could automatically block every kind of network action of this infected client. (internal and external network traffic). - And send some Information about the outbrea to the Eset Management Platform.
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