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  1. Re "My best guess is the network adapter installed in this notebook is not assigning a unique IP address to the web camera for some reason." first off this is not a web cam installed in the notebook but a standalone security camera and the notebook does not assign it an ip address, the DHCP server on my Windows Server 2016 does all DHCP assignments. I looked at this a little and perhaps at the time I had it hooked up by Ethernet and wireless and they both took the same ip, I had to connect it by Ethernet in order to program the wireless so that may explain the duplicate ip address warning. So my question still is was this warning message due solely to the fact that the Ethernet & wireless adapters were using the same ip address or in addition to the dup ip address was there malicious traffic and if so what tool do I use to determine if this security camera is in some manner infected with malware or a virus? I'm attaching a picture of the camera, if you want a link to the Amazon product page let me know.
  2. It's just a guess but some company's roll out updates by region and perhaps your region hasn't been cleared for the 13.0.24 update yet.
  3. Hard to tell, try and do a manual search for a version update i.e. Update / Check For Update and see if it comes up.
  4. It was a notification and it popped off before I could get a screen shot of it but the log information says: Time;Module;Event;User 12/7/2019 12:47:31 PM;Firewall;Network event blocked Duplicate IP addresses on networkA computer on the network is sending malicious traffic. This can be an attempt to attack your computer. Change handling of this event;SYSTEM While it doesn't say it in the log entry the notification did say the ip address was the address of the camera, what do you think?
  5. I've got 3/4 computers on my home network all with Eset Internet Security, less than a week ago I added a wireless security camera to my network; it's a single inexpensive unit I bought off of Amazon. When I attached it to my network and set it up I had no warnings of any kind from any of my existing computers. A friend of mine gave me a notebook computer which I upgraded the ram and put in a new hard drive and installed the latest Windows 10 from scratch, at the point I installed EIS it gave me a warning along with the IP address of the camera saying something like "malicious content being broadcast bla bla". What I don't get is that my other computers are all running the same latest 13.0.24 of EIS and did not give me this warning while this new install on my friends notebook did. What could be the explanation? I've read that some cameras on Amazon were loaded with malware but that was from several years ago, how can I tell if there's really a problem and if there is then is there a way to fix it or do I just take it down and complain to the seller?
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