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    peteyt received kudos from kwk1 in Network protection troubleshooting advice   
    That is exactly running the troubleshooter wizard. Sometimes I've seen stuff blocked but what Marcos is saying is if you've had no issues its best not to go in there and unblock anything. That area is designed so if you find your having problems with something not working you can go in there and see if anything if maybe being blocked and unblock it.
    You should be fine but it's hard to know exactly why something is being  blocked. 
    I did find at one point when using the public network setting in Eset a lot of stuff was blocked in the network troubleshooter that wasn't when switched to home but some do recommend using public. The link below explains how to check and change this setting 
    As for the browser control part unsure about this. If it happens again see if you can get a screenshot of the actual message
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in Deny Internet access for running process   
    You really have to ask Microsoft "the rhyme an reasoning" behind this. My best guess is to make it difficult for malware to drop a bogus Store app there.
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in ESET Internet Security uses almost 1GB of RAM. What's going on?   
    Also does version 13 have the same issues?
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    peteyt received kudos from chrlshlmn in Eset and other security software   
    Eset should be fine without any other security program. Some people may use other AVs as a second opinion scanner but it is important that these don't have real time protection features or if they do they are disabled as running more than one real time AV can cause a lot of compatibility issues
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    peteyt received kudos from mallard65 in Is ESET antivirus a good choice?   
    Just a heads up to let you know the user appears to be a spam bot. I've reported them as well. Seems to be the same as usual, user posts something  to then later on edit the posts to add links probably hoping no mods will look back it at.
    Just wondering if there would be a way to have it so new users can't post links or would this cause problems for genuine users?
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    peteyt gave kudos to Peter Randziak in Eset Detects .Dll But Not .Exe Version?   
    Hello @itman,
    thank you for your submission, I contacted the lab and they decided to add the exe to detection as well Powershdll.exe - MSIL/Agent.SXW trojan
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in Having truble with Metatrader [Emofid Version]   
    I would!
    Also the best way to provide this for the consumer market would be to offer an Eset Internet Security "Professional" version where the fee would be added to license amount. Throw in further enhancements such as global wildcard support in the HIPS to support "living off the land" attacks. Or better, build those rules in the HIPS using NoVirusThanks OSArmor rules as guide and now you have a truly "awesome" Eset product.
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in If You Use Licensing Cracking Software, You Need To Read This   
    It appears that a number of Eset users employ license "crackers." It also appears that a number of Eset forum participants feel that the most widely used , the KMS software family of crackers, are safe. As noted in this recent analysis of KMS based software by AVLabs in Poland, they are definitely not safe to use.
    KMSAuto and KMSpico are the most commonly installed hacktool on computers in Poland
    Note: This article was posted in the Polish language. Hence the use of Google's Translator.
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    peteyt received kudos from Peterpan in Does web protection work on Yandex browser?   
    The only thing that might not work is the banking protection which launches banking sites in a specially designed browser window. However using eset without banking protection is still secure. 
    I can't say what browsers will/won't work as I use chrome which is compatible. 
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    peteyt received kudos from mallard65 in License Error - Scam ?   
    Does eset sell 2-3 month licenses. Thought the minimum was usually 1 year
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    peteyt received kudos from Nightowl in Block Chrome update   
    I use Automatic firewall myself now (used to use interactive mode). I believe you can disable Chrome updates without the need for the firewall https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/stop-automatic-chrome-updates-windows/ This will at least stop chrome updating automatically itself. 
    You could run the firewall after than it interactive mode and try to update and possibly tell eset to block it however you may block the wrong thing.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Nightowl in Latest Malware Protection tests on AV Comparatives   
    For me that's excellent for most of them .. so it depends only on your taste and opinion and experience with the software itself , I tend to like ESET more because it's been several years with it and I just don't want to move on to another product , even though I would like to try Kaspersky for a bit , but I still stay with ESET due to several years of using it and it's light.
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    peteyt received kudos from Peter Randziak in Windows 20H1   
    Updated today to the stable version of build 2004 and haven't seen any issues. Seem to be slowly rolling it out now
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in "pyrate", Behavior Blocker Bypass POC   
    It's been a slow forum posting weekend and it appears this thread has run its course. We have all had the opportunity to "rant and rave" about Eset Home version protection features we all wished we had and in reality, probably never will have. So it is time to expose this Python POC for what it is - fake ransonware. Err ..... what, you say? The POC encrypted files. Well so does a lot of legit encryption and other apps including user created ones. So lets get into this.
    A few years back, the NextGen security software vendors were trying "to get traction" against the established AV vendors with their supposed superior behavior detection methods. Corresponding to this was the appearance a proliferation of ransomware "simulators" where one was encouraged to test their existing AV solution with. The most infamous of these was RanSim produced by KnowBe4: https://www.knowbe4.com/ransomware-simulator . I wrote a thread about the methodology used by this product and similar ones here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/10792-ransomware-simulators-a-detailed-analysis/ . Eset subsequently commented upon Ransim tactics in their own publish article on Eset ransomware protection:
    So let's get into some details on the POC. First, note this from the POC's author posting about it at malwaretips.com:
    Next is why no vendor on Virus Total detected the POC initially and I believe presently. That one is pretty straightforward. The ransomware portion of the POC never ran. The POC pauses program execution waiting for user input to continue. VT's automated sandbox analysis timed out waiting for input it does not respond to.
    In summary, I am not 100% ruling out that techniques used in the POC could bypass existing Eset ransomware detection methods. However, a POC must be developed deploying real world ransomware deployment and execution methods with the most important being the program runs uninterrupted and encryption activities performed against all existing files in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\*, etc. directories.
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    peteyt received kudos from fabioquadros_ in ESET Memories   
    I gather amon is just a part of eset? Interesting to see how the GUI and GUIs in general have changed over the years
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in I want to know why Eset security products are so fast.   
    There are many reasons for that, not just one. One of the things we do is that the resource-intensive code emulation is done once and the result is cached for future use so advanced heuristics doesn't have to emulate files each time they are accesses and scanned. Then there are other safe caching mechanisms to ensure that files are re-scanned only when needed (e.g. after module updates), trusted / whitelisted files are scanned less frequently, etc. which also positively affects performance.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in ESET to support development of a Coronavirus PCR test in Slovakia, donates the first 100,000 samples   
    Machine translation:
    Scientists from Slovak companies MultiplexDX, Lambda Life and ProScience Tech have joined forces with virologists from the Biomedical Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (BMC SAV) to build a reagent kit according to the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol for reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2. In the first phase they plan to produce and make available 100,000 PCR tests. The ESET Foundation supported the development of the test and finances the first 100,000 pieces to be offered as a gift to the Slovak Republic.
    Key components have been developed and manufactured by MultiplexDX, a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative reagents for various molecular diagnostic methods. The Slovak PCR test is currently being validated in cooperation with a team of scientists from the BMC SAS. Preliminary results show not only the functionality but also the good sensitivity of the new test, comparable to the currently used diagnostics. “This means that our test is reliable and accurate and can help diagnose early-stage patients. We can produce key components for 100,000 PCR tests in two weeks, ”explains Pavol Čekan, founder of MultiplexDX.
    “In the process of validation and subsequent registration of the resulting report we cooperate with the non-profit organization CCCT SK. It will be estimated to take about three weeks, ”said Adam Andráško of ProScience Tech. "Virus detection consists of sample collection, RNA isolation and PCR diagnostics itself, with our joint efforts focused on the last step," said Ivan Juráš of Lambda Life. “I believe that the efforts of our scientists will be crowned with success, and we will have enough PCR tests from our own resources as important as coronavirus detection. This will help Slovakia not only in continuous testing, but we will also create a reserve in case there is a shortage of tests in the world, ”notes Robert Mistrík from the permanent crisis staff.
    The ESET Foundation supported the development of the test and provided funding for the first 100,000 units from the COVID-19 Effective Diagnosis and Prevention Fund. These tests will be offered as a gift to Slovak state institutions. “When creating the Fund, it was important for us to ensure effective mass-scale diagnostics, which can only be achieved through science. Even in such a critical situation, the importance of supporting science in Slovakia, which we have been dedicated to for a long time, thus proves important, ”says Richard Marko, CEO of ESET.
    Production capacities will primarily be available to diagnostic laboratories in Slovakia after the first 100,000 tests have been used. “We are ready to cooperate with state laboratories, flexibly respond to their needs and supply them efficiently. After meeting the needs of Slovak Laboratories, we can direct our capacities to other countries that would need our products, ”explains the authors of the test.
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    peteyt received kudos from pecelot in Automatic updates/scans and a weak laptop   
    There is a gamer mode you can enable when playing games
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    peteyt received kudos from pecelot in Automatic updates/scans and a weak laptop   
    This article should explain how to enable it. You can also set it up to automatically enable if it detects a full screen app
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    peteyt gave kudos to itman in Latest update BSOD.   
    FYI in regards to anyone using Win 10 Insider builds:
    To the above, I add that just because Eset runs w/o issue on a Win 10 Insider build does not imply it is working properly. In other words, it is "user beware" in this regard.
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    peteyt received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in ESET Memories   
    I gather amon is just a part of eset? Interesting to see how the GUI and GUIs in general have changed over the years
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in ESET Memories   
    Cherishing memories



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    peteyt gave kudos to Nightowl in ESET Memories   
    Just some photos I found on the internet that can bring some good moments and make your white hair shine brighter.

    Hmmm , I used to love that GUI ! , so simple and basic but powerful.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Nightowl in ESET to create a fund to support effective diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus   
    This is very nice of ESET
    Also for people who are interested to give their computer power to help solve the problem you can do this using Folding@Home , https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/15/coronavirus-what-were-doing-and-how-you-can-help-in-simple-terms/
    But that will use most of the CPU and GPU if it's running on your computer , it will help scientists find a formula against the Corona.
    I hope it will be good and peaceful all over the world.
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    peteyt gave kudos to Marcos in ESET to create a fund to support effective diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus   
    ESET has been protecting users worldwide for decades already and have always provided state-of-the-art protection. While it was always our digital worlds that ESET has been protecting, now with the epidemic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus the need to protect also users themselves became inevitable. Besides supporting various scientific and charity events, we are now creating a fund to support effective diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, giving 300,000 EUR to support the purchase of a diagnostic system capable of analyzing 4000 samples per day.
    By purchasing ESET's products you can be sure that you also support science and charity.
    Machine translation:
    Recognizing the seriousness of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spread, ESET has decided to engage in the fight against the epidemic in Slovakia. The ESET Foundation has therefore set up a COVID-19 Effective Diagnosis and Prevention Fund, to which ESET will contribute EUR 300,000. The amount will be increased later if necessary. The aim of the newly established fund is to provide, in the first phase, the necessary equipment for improving the quality of diagnostics and introducing comprehensive testing in Slovakia.
    Since its inception, ESET has dedicated itself to the diagnosis of computer viruses and is symbolic to support the diagnosis of biological viruses in this situation. Even at such moments, the importance of science, which can make a significant contribution to solving the situation, has been shown. ESET Foundation supports science and research and is the organizer of the ESET Science Award.
    “We have set up a fund to support the effective diagnosis and prevention of coronavirus because we believe that only a systematic scientific approach will help us manage this epidemic. At the same time, it is essential that we think ahead today and take steps to relaunch the economy. General and systematic testing of the population will help in returning the employees to the work process and thus also help the Slovak economy, ” explains Richard Marko, CEO of ESET.
    Through the Fund, ESET will support the purchase of high-performance diagnostic equipment, the development of systems for more efficient online diagnostics, or contribute to the cost of operating or collecting and transporting samples. Public and private medical diagnostic institutions and laboratories operating in Slovakia that are authorized to diagnose this type or to take and transport SARS-CoV-2 related samples may receive financial support. These institutions can contact the ESET Foundation at nadacia[at]eset.sk . The expert guarantor in the evaluation of the use of the fund's resources is the recognized Slovak chemist Robert Mistrík.
    “After the first discussions, we are considering co-financing the purchase of the Roche cobas 8800 System, or co-financing its operation. This device is able to do real-time RT-PCR tests at lower unit cost and shorter time in automatic mode. It can evaluate up to 4,000 samples in a single day. We will look for a partner to operate this device. Of course, the fund will also be open to other solutions supporting its goal, ” concludes Robert Mistrík, the fund's expert guarantor.
    More information about the Fund for the Support of Effective Diagnosis and Prevention of COVID-19 can be found at www.nadaciaeset.sk .
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