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Nod32 AV and Windows 7

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I am running Windows 7, I am not and will not update the operating system.
Is there a way to turn 'Your operating system is out of date' off? If not then I will terminate my Nod 32 license.

Thanks Dave.
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Eset will support products that are mainstream and supported by, in this case, Microsoft. Windows 7 is now EOL, you cannot expect a product to fully protect you if you choose not to protect yourself with the most up to date supported OS. Microsoft no longer release updates for Windows 7 so you will become more vulnerable over time. This is not just Eset, other companies will also stop supporting out of dates operating systems at some point. Code has to be written to work with security changes within the OS’s. You don’t say why you will not upgrade from Windows 7. If you don’t I suggest you disconnect yourself from the internet.

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Are you saying I can not turn this warning off? If so, since I have just renewed my license, what are the chance's of cancelling my license and getting a refund?

Dave Edited by Pentode
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  • Solution

From another recent forum posting:


For NOD32, goto Advanced Setup, then to Notifications, and then the General category, and at the bottom of that, uncheck "Your operating system is outdated."

However in my ESSP installation, that setting doesn't exist. It might only appear in an outdated OS situation.

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Yes, I found it, I wasn't scrolling down, I'm happy again thanks to itman, pretty sure it's not the first time itman helped me out.

I'm happy again now, and the problem is solved - case closed.


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