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Internet Security feedback (Windows 10)

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Hello! The software is excellent overall with many options, great performance and extensive documentation so I will be getting a license when the trial is over. I'll focus on a few issues and concerns, mostly Firewall-related:

The main one, and the reason I'll have to switch to NOD32 Antivirus: Windows Apps (Store) cannot be used in anything other than Automatic mode. A reason to use a strong 3rd-party Firewall is the ability to customize rules and monitor connection requests.

As you know (found several old Forum topics on this) Windows Apps keep changing their path location, so the prompts become unbearable. They should be safe to allow, because:

a) supposedly vetted by Microsoft
b) SmartScreen exclusively for Store apps is also at hand

So, a special Firewall rule to simply allow all Store apps (and their updates) is sorely needed, regardless of Firewall Filtering mode.

As for Desktop programs that change their installation path: they are much less of a problem since there are not many. WhatsApp for Desktop is such a bad example: they update it every 5-7 days and it becomes a problem also for the Webcam protection module: only way to avoid constant notification prompts is to disable Webcam protection entirely (hence the switch to NOD32).

A clear indication (colour-coded perhaps) for invalid firewall rules is also needed, and a quick way to select and optionally delete them.

Some cosmetic remarks, again about the Firewall Rules window:

1. Quicker access to it, either with configurable keyboard shortcut and/or a direct tray-icon link.
2. Make it remember its previous size/position. I keep maximizing it because it resets to its small, default size every time it is launched.
3. Add an alternative "Display Rules view" mode. Rule order cannot be altered, but all Rules can be sorted every way the user wants (name, protocol, direction etc.) and single rules can also be fully edited and enabled/disabled. For users that do not tinker with Rule order much, this would be way more flexible and useful.

Also: consider adding shortcuts to all Tools in the tray icon. Having to go through Tools/More Tools is a bit tiresome. Why not add full shortcuts to all main sections of the program in both tray icon and Windows Start Menu? It'd make navigation easier and quicker.

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Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it a lot. It is our goal to tailor our products to your needs and the way you use them. The good news is that we are planning a complete revamp of the firewall rule editor which should have most of your proposals implemented. It's preliminary scheduled for v16.2 next year.

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