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How Do I Block Pop-Up Ads

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How do I stop the dumb pop-up ads that every man and his dog seem to insert onto their webpages these days?

They are killing my PC.

Literally draining the power out of it until my mouse and keyboard lock-up because the power-management system decides it does have enough power left to to cope with my manual input devices as it needs it all to try and sell me some sort of I'm not interested in knowing about.

Is there a way of protecting my PC from these scum bags in ESET or do I have yo look elsewhere?


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I would recommend the uBlock Origin browser extension. By default, it will enable all its major TPL's plus EasyList/Privacy TPL's and offers the ability to enable other TPL's such that you might think relevant. You can also add custom block lists from sources such as GitHub.

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If by any chance you don't want extensions to use in your browser. I strongly recommend using Vivaldi Browser, It has better privacy and Personalization. 😃

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Thanks! I thought there might be an Ad-Blocker built into ESET but if not then I'll start looking at other products.  I've already checked the MS Edge settings and switched all its built in privacy and ad blockers on.  

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As @cyberhash and @itman noted, there are already a variety of ad blocking extensions out there for web browser which are (1) quite good; and (2) free.  From my point of view, it would not make sense for ESET to compete against those unless there was something markedly different and better than what is already available at no charge.

I saw that you mentioned you were receiving pop-up advertisements.  Are those actually advertisements popping up in a separate window, or are you receiving unwanted popup toast notifications from the system tray notification area?  If the latter, here are some instructions I wrote elsewhere on how to disable those:

Unwanted notifications (popups) from web browser
Notifications that pop up on your screen can be distracting and annoying. Here's how to disable them in the various web browsers:

Google Chrome (Version 105+)
Enter chrome://settings/content/notifications into the address bar to open the Notifications settings page in Google Chrome.  In the Default behavior section, select (check) the Don't allow sites to send notifications option.  In the Customized behaviors section, go to the Allowed to send notifications section, click on the (more actions) object, and select Remove from the context menu.  Repeat until there are no further entries listed in this section.

Mozilla Firefox (Version 104+)
Enter about:preferences#privacy into the address bar, then scroll down to the Permissions section.  Go to the Notifications option and click on the Settings… button.  In the Settings - Notifications Permissions window, click on the Remove All Websites button, then check (select) the "Block new requests asking to allow notifications" option and click on the Save Changes button.

Microsoft Edge (Chrome-based, Version 105+)
Go to edge://settings/content/notifications in the address bar and disable Ask before sending (recommended). If there are any entries in the Allow section, click on the ⋯ (more actions) object and select Remove for each entry.  Repeat until there are no further entries listed in this section.

Instructions for Microsoft Edge (legacy version): Open Windows Settings app (not Edge's) and go to System → Notifications & Actions, scroll down to Notifications, and set "Get notifications from apps and other senders" to Off.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
(does not support notifications)


Hope that helps.


Aryeh Goretsky

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Updated for web browser versions current as of September 2022
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