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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to itman in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Microsoft added Tamper Protection in Win 10 1903. Oddly, it has to be manually enabled.
    I keep looking for a published bypass if it, but so far so good for Microsoft. It also appears to "have held its own" against the latest and greatest version of Trickbot which tried its darnedest to disable it:
    Such can not be said for MalwareBytes or Sophos.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Sammo in Brave Browser not protected by anti-phishing   
    I fixed the issue by changing the SSL scanning option from Auto to Scan. Now Eset detects phishing sites and malware just fine.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to itman in ESET Internet Security Firewall does not block MS Edge Browser   
    I certainly would not block smartscreen.exe since it is a Win 10 native protection mechanism.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to itman in Microsoft Edge Chromium   
    I did some testing a while back in regards to Edge and Eset B&PP. Now, it is possible things have changed since then.
    I set Edge to my default browser. Manually running Eset B&PP from the desktop opened Edge as a protected browser w/o issue. Whether Eset B&PP was fully functional in regards to keystroke protection and the like, I did not test for.
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    Azure Phoenix received kudos from TomFace in ESET for iPhone?   
    From the link TomFace posted
    23. Why is there no ESET product available for Windows Phone and Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)?
    Windows Phone and Apple iOS are proprietary operating systems with their own application stores. The only way to install software on your device is through these stores. Publishers verify each application and guarantee it is malware free. The applications from these stores cannot be run in the background, nor can they scan and delete other programs. Additionally, each application runs in its own segment– a sandbox–so that even if there is any malware bundled in with an application, it cannot be installed and spread to other programs.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Marcos in HIPS : how to choose rules and filtering mode ?   
    Choose smart mode which is a kind of interactive mode with minimum interactions.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to cyberhash in End of Support Win 7   
    The scare stories about windows 10 are exaggerated. It's a far more secure version of the o/s than previous versions. Like every release of windows, the driver support was poor at the start but its been out so long now that these issues are all overcome.

    The installer in the new builds now gives you the option to disable all the things that people complained about on it's release (telemetry) .

    It's been a great o/s from my point of view and never had any issues whatsoever
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Marcos in ESET ( - Removal of Security Alerts from GUI   
    You can disable the appropriate application status in the advanced setup -> user interface. You understand that you will take all responsibility for the security of your system since ESET won't be able to 100% protect you from Internet-borne threats, phishing, etc. By disabling Web access protection you won't gain any benefit but lose one of the most important protection layers.
    Even if one was very cautious and restrictive in what he or does on a machine (e.g. visits websites only with javascript disabled, checks every https certificate on visited websites, uses policies to prevent script interpreters from running, disables USB ports to prevent devices carrying data from attaching, etc.), I wouldn't recommend disabling a single protection layer.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Marcos in How to disable v8.x upgrade to new version nag screen?   
    We don't have currently a solution but upgrade to the latest version. For users of Windows XP, we recommend upgrading to the latest version. The fact that v8 has already reached EOL also means that it can stop updating at any time without a prior notice or an update can cause issues that won't be solved since the product is not supported any more.
    Moreover, v8 misses a lot of new features that ensure protection from emerging threats and therefore users get infected easier than with the latest version.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to TomFace in I uninstalled ESET and all wireless access is down   
    EIS and ESSP both have a firewall built in. So were you running 2 firewalls? Or did you use the ESET Online Scanner?
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Mrs.C in Alerts and Notifications   
    Tomface - Thank was very informative. Appreciate you effort to explain. Your comment about enjoying Happy Days put a smile on my face
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to xkajxkajx in ESET NOD32 Antivirus messes with my context menu   
    Sorry for my ignorance . I thought you can simply make  modifications and changes to the current version.
    I admit it I am hasty and impatient .
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Rohit in Separate forum for Suggestions/Feature Requests   
    Please create a separate space for User Suggestions and Feature Requests. This should be reviewed by your security experts and management.
    Though I am using ESET products from many years, I noticed ESET forums are not that active as compared to forums of few other companies. Neither it has much involvement of ESET security experts nor community experts. Even on Twitter replies are late or never answered.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to itman in Eset taking up a lot of my CPU usage   
    Here's a recent posting on the Malwarebytes forum where an Avast user was having similar issues: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/241898-avast-service-high-cpu-and-malwarebytes-web-protection/ . Appears they recently updated MBAM which appears to have resolved that issue. So you might want to try to do the same.
    The bottom line is MBAM 3.x is conflicting with a lot of other AV solutions. You should never be running more than one AV in realtime mode. It is recommended that MBAM realtime scanning be disabled and only used a second opinion on-demand scanner.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Arakasi in Thank you Fer,Goretsky, Marcos and TomasP,   
    Get well soon Mr Jadinolf. 
    Prayers are with you and thank you for being a part of the community my friend !
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to peteyt in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Eset doesn't have a way for users to directly test programs in a way for example like Sandboxie does. However Eset does use sandbox technologies. This link talks briefly about the technologies used by Eset https://www.eset.com/uk/about/technology/
    As mentioned by Azure Phoenix Eset does use machine learning. Like he said they have done articles about the issues of ML and AI - Right now it seems to be a buzzword and often spoken about as something new yet it's not. I'm sure a group of people released a new ML/AI product that just used buzzwords and was fake and everyone jumped on the bandwagon - it was done to show how easily it is to hype something up as something it isn't with a few words
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Super_Spartan in Future changes to ESET NOD32 Antivirus   
    Hi Marcos,
    I suggested to ESET in the past to give us an easier way of whitelisting by allowing us to multi select folders/apps in one shot rather than having to do it one at a time but they never replied to me or implemented it in the latest NOD32.
    See how easy it is to add items to the exclusion with checkbox multi selection method. this is just on example of many AVs out there which allow that

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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to MasterTB in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    I honestly don't know if this has been asked before BUT, given the fact that you now have an online service that accounts for all the licenses and installations of Eset products for every user, (In my case, for example, I have a 6 device license and manage then all through the manager) wouldn't it be possible to add some sort of sync option that would allow the home users to deploy the installs with the same settings across devices???
    I mean I have Eset Internet Security on all my pc's and I have to go one by one setting them up and making sure they all run the same settings, if you could automate this process it would be awesome.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Marcos in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Actually advanced users love the ability to customize numerous settings. Common users don't need to go to the advanced setup at all since ESET products provide well-balanced protection out of the box.
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to itman in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Add option to realtime scanner to block obfuscated Powershell scripts. Option would be dependent upon Win 10 AMSI option enabled in the Eset GUI.
    Microsoft added a like mitigation in the form of a Windows Defender Exploit Guard ASR mitigation effective with Win 10 1709. ASR mitigations are only effective if Windows Defender is enabled as the realtime scan engine.
    Further justification is Eset's failure to detect malware in highly obfuscated PowerShell script in a Malware Research Group ad hoc test: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/research/current-state-of-malicious-powershell-script-blocking/
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    Azure Phoenix gave kudos to Marcos in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Keystrokes are already scrambled in a secure browser to prevent keyloggers from stealing what you type.
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