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  1. I'm not sure i follow your question sir? What is it exactly that you are asking ? How does DNS work in regards to IP ? Are you asking about how it can be checked in a command prompt ? That would be the command nslookup. DNS servers are the systems that will give you an IP address when trying to go to a specific URL or Address. Internally on a private lan you would specify a system to convert hostnames to IP like a domain controller. On the public web there are Domain servers all over the world that you MUST talk to in order to navigate the internet. Large corporations provide these and usually at no cost. Google, Microsoft, OpenDNS, Cloudflare and APNIC, to name a few. Most ISP's have there own as well that they share. When asking about nmap, that is network scanning and discovery for ports/computers/service/os , its basically used to delve into the network and find out what exists, locate vulnerabilities etc. You do not need DNS for nmap to work, or you could also use DNS with it to find names and reverse DNS to find addresses. I was able to find the following article clip for you:
  2. Maybe to use visual studio and spin it into a downloadable app might prove better results. I know that could be a lot of D&D. Good luck !
  3. Get well soon Mr Jadinolf. Prayers are with you and thank you for being a part of the community my friend !
  4. I would recommend switching from McAfee endpoints to ESET Endpoints which should provide superior protection and increased endpoint performance. You could also install ERA or the new ESMC to deploy and manage the endpoints centrally from your server.
  5. I was unaware of this flaw, and assumed a system integration issue was going on. Thank you Marcos for chiming in !
  6. You're welcome DougBrooks, thank you for being an ESET customer !
  7. You lose access to the local admin when a server is converted to a domain controller. Only the domain admin is available now. As a work around, you could try launching command prompt as administrator, then running the msi using the elevated CMD, if that is your goal to launch the msi as admin.
  8. Hello zerotox, Have you already tried following this KB: https://support.eset.com/kb2289/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US By going into safe mode and running the uninstaller, then rebooting followed by a clean reinstall post April Windows Update ?
  9. Peter, would definitely like to try this out as well. Question, will you still be able to bill us each month while using this new version ?
  10. Hello Johnpd, I am sorry for the bad experience you are having with the product at the moment. I hope we can provide some assistance here on the forums. First, Thanks itman for your investigative work. John a few things can be checked on your end to rectify this problem. Might i first suggest reading the following KB article : https://support.eset.com/kb3126/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US . Sometimes the SSL scanning gets checked and that creates a real pain for the minimalist consumer who is not experienced with Information Technology as some of us nerds. Another quick thing you could check is your date and time! Ensure that is accurate or you will also receive similar errors. Let us know if that KB article is of any help.
  11. Since the NAS would be set up like a normal mapped network drive, ESET will scan and crawl any files access or opened that reside on the NAS, including the ability to scan the entire NAS through the endpoints even with scheduled scans. Permissions would still come into play, however.
  12. Are you possibly referring to the Password manager that the home versions have ?
  13. All that makes perfect sense, and the additional info does provide better incite as to your proof of the matter. No screenshot needed. I am assuming SPSS is the software you are working with, and it doesn't look like something i can get my hands on without a fee or sub. A few questions though to follow up. 1. Do you have any exclusions set for your IBM Software whether it be through the exe or rules set ? 2. Have you tried toggling the Gamer mode set to automatically turn on and back again just in-case of an if-then statement hiccup ? 3. Have you tried this on another workstation or machine ? A different profile perhaps ? Or uninstalling and reinstalling for that matter ? I know these are basic troubleshooting steps, but the Gamer mode and its modules as well as their behavior is kind of vague to us, even in the ESET knowledge base. I'm hoping this could be minor, but may prove to be a larger hidden issue.
  14. Hello Xen Welcome to the forums. This could be construed as a very tricky problem to diagnose and/or replicate for proof. Would you mind listing the application you work with so that we can try it on our end with Endpoint and the home version ? Normally i would ask for a screen shot, except in this situation there is no way to provide one. If you have an application in full-screen mode you are not going to be able to see the taskbar or app without having dual screens and placing the ESET app on the opposite screen. Furthermore you won't see it after closing the full screen app as it will already have switched off Gamer mode and i know the interface logging does not provide alerts for Gamer mode. The only function gamer mode has is to suppress alerts and stop updates from happening that are scheduled. With all this being said, 1. Have you recorded or found logs of ESET running updates during your full screen App ? 2. Are you getting pop notifications while your full screen app is running ? 3. Have you noticed performance degradation due to ESET not switching on the Gamer mode feature ? Unfortunately this is probably all we can offer here on the forums, and better advice would be to contact by phone, have a ticket generated and tracked, so that the developers may look into the issue if it is determined to be something that was missed during testing or related to conflicting full screen apps.
  15. Hi Micke, Welcome and feel free to post any feedback or questions/problems you might have in the appropriated section. We are all here to help you have a good experience using ESET products !
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