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  1. Hi Micke, Welcome and feel free to post any feedback or questions/problems you might have in the appropriated section. We are all here to help you have a good experience using ESET products !
  2. Hi my peoples !! Miss all of you guys ! Where is Swex ? Going to try and stick my head in here a few times to see whats been going on !!! Maybe even help some people if i have time. I haven't left the ESET fam at all. Just been busy doing partner things & selling the products & services !!!! Cheers ~
  3. Root can also be called the most parent directory of a drive or system/OS file system.
  4. Good day Tani Welcome to the forums. While we don't talk or discuss, penetration testing, intrusions, hash, db, or any other forced de-encryption.... we love to discuss the basics of security and malware prevention. For the most part discussions are about the software. The general section can be used to discuss anything you would like to talk about provided it meets the Terms.
  5. While agree with sandbox, i think the protection from ESET is stronge enough to not require it. The primary customer base however, does not want ESET to switch to the bulky app embedded software protection like most, and i would stress the importance of that in relation to sandbox. I would ask for a web browser sandbox only. Thanks
  6. The distributors don't always have direct contact with ESET everyday. They are given tools, resources, and the product becomes trade. You may wish to contact the distributor you placed the order with and ensure they renewed, got your order, or are not having difficulties finding your account. If you purchased from a distributor, you have to renew with them to keep the same license, ESET can't renew, However you can purchase a new license with ESET, or a new license with the distributor !
  7. Femtocell can intercept too at the phone end.
  8. You can easily intercept that code leaving the server by the way. Never say no one can.
  9. I will contact a few people from project management about the request, as well as a supervisor i have in my address book. We will look into it. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Fairness has been used in the utmost completeness on this topic. We have expressed several reasons, not for us, but for the ESET user base why this is not the direction we would like the company to go in. Staff has also expressed their hesitation to move in the discussed direction. The toolbars and extensions for web trusting is already out there in the thousands for people to use. The basic principles and reasons why ESET should go in this direction have ALSO NOT BEEN GIVEN. The answer " Because 8 others use it " is minimal at best in selling the reason to start. As Aryeh stated, they lo
  11. Who knows, maybe in the future ESET may provide a Chrome/Firefox/IE browser add on/extension similar to WOT for Smart Security when they feel like it is necessary. For now at least, the idea has now been mentioned and quite well discussed. Exactly, end of story. Anyone is quite welcome to go use those other products, especially if they are so hard up for the features they provide.
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