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  1. Did you checked if uBlock isn't blocking part of the website? Perhaps that's the reason why ESET isn't detecting phishing there.
  2. Have you tried installing the home version of ESET instead of endpoint?
  3. Does this mean features like banking don't work on Edge? I remember the feature always worked with Chrome despite enabling appcontainer in it. Though, I wonder if the banking feature was changing the Chrome process to untrusted.
  4. Exclusions are a function in your product. Those possibles security holes are already there. So, why not improve the way exclusions are done like above?
  5. ESET already has machine learning. It's called Augur https://www.welivesecurity.com/2017/06/20/machine-learning-eset-road-augur/ They already did many articles of the subject of ML.
  6. Improve compatibility with SUA accounts. Discussion (And how reproduce issue): https://forum.eset.com/topic/12197-is-eset-compatible-with-standard-user-accounts/?do=findComment&comment=61708 Thanks
  7. A beta version of Adguard was released that fixed the compatibility issue with ESET. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/adguard-ad-blocker.342850/page-81#post-2648358 " [Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497Previously, it was not unusual at all that Adguard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal - you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either Adguard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run Adguard alongside with KIS and ESET. "
  8. Malware would easily avoid this by injecting into legitimate processes, such as svchost.exe. But isn't automatic mode(default) also vulnerable to that?
  9. New setting for firewall Smart mode: Allows all connections from processes that LiveGrid determines as safe or fine. And prompts for those that LiveGrid considers unknown
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