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  1. Before this topic get closed look at this Ransomware https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/f84bf09ea9f44a46d4c4c8b25cdd1a57e1634e3618b279d950b06697ee039e3b/detection The 100% detection can't detect it but ESET Can!
  2. You keep insist that there's 100% detection while on all your topics everyone try to tell you there's no such a thing is 100%! How many people tried to explain that? and you still insist! Every Antivirus in the world non of them can detect 100% in real world, if any product will reach 100% with many false positive, i'm one don't want to use it! I don't want to use an Antivirus that keep flagging many clean files as viruses! I think it's time this topic be closed like the other and i know you will go back to same scenario soon with 100% thing!
  3. That's what i'm saying, i saw yesterday 2 viruses that the product he's talking about don't detect and ESET did detect them first That's why i keep telling him there's no 100% protection
  4. I prefer low FP, simply making the product detect 99% ( There's no 100% ) is easy, but making it 98.4% with a very low FP is better for me I can give you many viruses that the product your talking about don't detect, so please understand that there's no 100%
  5. Also it's known to have a lot of false positive and that's not a good thing, ESET is very low in false positive


    What i mean from the topic is joining these kind of forums will help detect new viruses more faster Example of today: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/73c7e1dfffcadf2f8b40d26d91a4c2534dad108b2e26cc1cc476d086756631c3/detection I know it can be detected via other module and maybe not


    Users testing products there is not much like before, i used to see many products being tested and any users could download the samples


    Can you share how you created this rule ? NVM i made it, since i don't use PowerShell i made a rule to ask if any app want to run it


    Hi, I want to know why ESET don't join forums like MalwareTips to detect new viruses/Ransomwares more faster ? An example: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/05bfd83bb0d4e7d27bbfc2c057b2b692612de808cc4bca73d9e0ae1d9d479623/detection I know it's a new Ransomware but it could be detected by now ? Another Example: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3203dc5ea66e86755254214b7b1ca8cb38271978e3ac2bdda35bce973ed0146c/detection And Merry Christmas everyone