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  1. New Nude Ransomware the old virus total site it seems not updated!
  2. 100% detection ?!!!!!! if these tests give a 100% detection results then that's a reason why you ignore them, there's no 100% detection Another reason: when they say bitdefender is a 100% performance while i tried it many times and every time it kills my pc performance!! Are you really saying Avira or Avast better than ESET ? did you try them your self or you just read these fake tests and believe them blindly If you see all products are better than ESET let me ask you, why are you here ? why you didn't just choose the better products ? If you see all products are better just choose one and use it and have fun believing the tests
  3. NOD32 Update Today

    You will release v10.1 without the pause option ?!
  4. I renamed it solved after all tested and now works fine with us The only problem i have is what i posted above
  5. @Marcos how about this error that come up in log with every restart? Is it related to firewall module? it also in ESET Antivirus v 10.0.390 and v10.1.204
  6. A new problem that effect EAV/EIS v10.0.390, with every system restart i see this error in log Personal firewall;An attempt to add the root certificate to all known browsers on your computer failed. Note that all browsers is added to SSL and ESET scan websites normally Also tested v10.1.204 and it don't have this problem Tested both versions on a clean system and clean install on VM to make sure it's not a problem on my system
  7. I don't think there's a way to stop specific module from updating (@Marcos can confirm that), you can downgrade to ESET v10.0.390 it don't have this problem, until this problem be fixed
  8. I downgrade to v10.0.390 with same Firewall module: 1349.3 (20170410) and it's working fine In EIS v10.1.204 with same Firewall module: 1349.3 (20170410) i have the problem
  9. It's now happening without even running Microsoft Edge, backgroundTaskHost.exe now asking me about every connection even there's a rule for it I think it's time to go back until this problem be fixed and until Moderators replay maybe before the end of this year!
  10. - ekrn and egui is allowed - IDS rules is defaults also when i tested on the video it was clean install and didn't change anything except made the Firewall Interactive mode - All created rules are below ESET defaults rules - No such rule
  11. Ok i tested ESS and ESSP and both have same problem
  12. I will test ESS and ESSP and let you guy's know, so we know who's have the problem
  13. I'm running EIS, didn't test ESS but i can test it if the moderators want Are you running your Firewall in Interactive mode ?
  14. I have no log for svchost being blocked also i made the video to see how the problem look like, it explain more than words ESET v10.0.390 was working fine but not v10.1.240
  15. Watch this video, it's a clean install on Win10 v1703, same happen on Win10 v1511