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  1. Hi, Why Advanced heuristics/DNA signatures option is not enabled by defaults ? dose enabling this option will slow down the system ? Thanks
  2. 2 hours ago You have 38 posts of complains, if ESET is so bad and there's a free other products are better with 100% protection as you said before, let me ask you again since you ignored to answer every time Why you still using ESET if you see it very bad ? Are you even using ESET ?
  3. I did test v13.0 and v12 all of them have same problem in a clean system only ESET and Firefox But once i installed chrome it works fine I think ESET need to check it, maybe a module update is needed
  4. Here's the logs after downloading eicarcom2.zip and while ESET didn't add it self into Firefox It's a clean system only ESET + Firefox + IDM installed eis_logs.zip Update: Just installed chrome in this clean system and everything works fine Update2: wilderssecurity.com/ shows Adguard certificate in chrome but ESET still block eicarcom2.zip
  5. Did test in a clean system without Adguard and ESET don't show in Firefox
  6. Adguard only block Ads, but since the last v7.4 i see "Your browser is being managed by your organization." in Firefox settings and Adguard certificate is in all sites I'm testing only ESET+IDM+Firefox in a clean system and will collect the logs
  7. Also note that eicar.com and eicar.com.txt are blocked by ESET but not eicar_com.zip or eicarcom2.zip Another note that i'm using Adguard and i see Adguard certificate in all sites including forum.eset.com
  8. It's empty, also i never needed to add anything to it since ESET did block before IDM can capture the link
  9. If you install IDM, it will install the Firefox add-on, same happen with all browsers Also i have the file Marcos asking about
  10. It don't get detected while downloading using Firefox but it get blocked on Chrome Update: I'm using "Internet Download Manager" and it got detected after i stopped IDM and used Firefox instead But in Chrome it get blocked before IDM can catch the link
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