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  1. Is this file malicious or not

    It's added
  2. I know, but normal user should not be able to disable the GUI even by mistake Anyway problem fixed today with HIPS module version 1303 I will mark the topic solved
  3. Yes, you can test it easily, just open task manager > Startup and disable ESET command line interface and restart ESET GUI wont start
  4. Maybe a mod can check the ticket with them and remind them only, is that a problem for you ?
  5. Hi, I contacted Customer Support about user being able to disable ESET v11 GUI startup from task manager TICKET 205100 I got a replay that this problem will be fixed in HIPS module version 1302+ But i see HIPS 1302 is out and problem not fixed
  6. Yes i never seen v11 Game Mode working, With v10 or older when i was opening a movie and go FS then out i could see Game mode turn on and off but now nothing
  7. It's only happen in the first clean install, after you finish installing GUI should start automatically If you restart it will start normally
  8. Version 11 export settings bug

    If you had been using pre-release and changed to regular update just wait until ESET do the next database update If you checked now you should see you have 16296P but after next update it will be for example 16297
  9. Hi, A clean install of Internet Security v11.0.144 don't start the GUI automatically after installation finish in Win10 v1709 only You have to start it manually maybe 2 times or restart the system Tested it on Win7 and Win10 1607 it's working fine
  10. New Nude Ransomware the old virus total site it seems not updated!
  11. 100% detection ?!!!!!! if these tests give a 100% detection results then that's a reason why you ignore them, there's no 100% detection Another reason: when they say bitdefender is a 100% performance while i tried it many times and every time it kills my pc performance!! Are you really saying Avira or Avast better than ESET ? did you try them your self or you just read these fake tests and believe them blindly If you see all products are better than ESET let me ask you, why are you here ? why you didn't just choose the better products ? If you see all products are better just choose one and use it and have fun believing the tests
  12. NOD32 Update Today

    You will release v10.1 without the pause option ?!
  13. I renamed it solved after all tested and now works fine with us The only problem i have is what i posted above
  14. @Marcos how about this error that come up in log with every restart? Is it related to firewall module? it also in ESET Antivirus v 10.0.390 and v10.1.204
  15. A new problem that effect EAV/EIS v10.0.390, with every system restart i see this error in log Personal firewall;An attempt to add the root certificate to all known browsers on your computer failed. Note that all browsers is added to SSL and ESET scan websites normally Also tested v10.1.204 and it don't have this problem Tested both versions on a clean system and clean install on VM to make sure it's not a problem on my system