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  1. Guys, really... So others are worse, so what? strive for better. It is not so hard to publish BEFORE, to coordinate it. You are used to low standards. Push for better.
  2. Are you serious?! you tell me to which "correct" place I should go to find the changelog?! I just do a fast googling of "nod32 changelog" which brings me to this forum - which always has at the top any changelog for a new version. Why should you force me to go to the download page (when the app itself do the download...) to find the changelog at the time of distribution?? A simple text paragraph that Eset can post in a few minutes anywhere on any of its sites and even 1 day before the actual release?? what is the problem stating "In the near day we will release a new version of ... with these changes..."? Did you even thought about adding the changelog text or a link to it - to the binary announcement at the client software? Think what is best for the customer! This is SO unprofessional! What is wrong with you people? get your stuff together!
  3. Positive. I got the upgrade push message toward the end of yesterday and applied it but didn't restart until today. see attached screenshots. You are not correlated internally, but customers see the outcome in their reality. please sync yourselves.
  4. A day after is not shortly. It is not acceptable that a client will have an upgrade prompt at the software - but a changelog post will not be available. it is a very simple and fair practice. I think Eset can achieve this.
  5. Hello, Yesterday NOD32 urged me to upgrade to 13.2.15, but there was no official mention of this new version here. Only a few hours ago you published here such an announcement post... This is a bad way of work - before I upgrade, I wish to know what is changed. Please, in the future - do not release the binaries to be updated at clients before you have a public matching post with details about the new version. Thank you.
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