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  1. OK, and if it fails - is this issue is logged somewhere I can find it?
  2. Yep, only one instance of ekrn.exe is running.
  3. Nope itman, this happens, surely and explicitly - every few hours. I opened a support case for this at Eset Israel and sent them my perfmon output files.
  4. Thanks TomasP and Marcos. Well... this brings "heart attack" to the user... not nice. Don't do it this way. Really, find a way to do it "under the hood". Also, please add a public support KB for this behaviour, to let folks know what is happening here. Also, it will be nice to add a matching log record to the Eset app log for each such operation, so you will be able to show customers a (date-time) match between this feature's action to what the customer have seen on the GUI and found in the windows event log. Thanks!
  5. I am running now procmon to capture only events where the process name is "ekrn.exe" and the path includes "firefox.exe". We'll see what we catch.
  6. Nope. My product is only NOD32, I don't have the mentioned feature
  7. Hello, I use NOD32 on Windows 10 pro 64 bit. Recently I noticed a sudden/flash appearance of the Firefox banner on the taskbar. Like it loads and then terminates. Looking at the windows security event log, I found it was launched by NOD32 process of ekrn.exe... very strange. see attached screenshot. Firefox is NOT my default OS browser. I didn't find any NOD32 scheduled process that is related to Firefox nor a matching windows "scheduled task". Any ideas?
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