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Feature requests for automatic sample submissions


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I wish to ask to enhance the automatic sample submission in the following ways:

1. By having an option to set the submission mode that it will ask users before submitting a sample, with showing the full path to the file. Sometimes users wish to review and approved or block files that are sent out of their computer, like, for example, files that the user it contains a private encryption/decryption key but does not have a know and/or set file name extension that fits NOD32's  configuration, or just personal files

2. Add to the logging system, possibly in the "Events" section - any sample submissions to ESET, either manually from within NOD32, from the file system shell or from the NOD32 quarantine. We have the right to know which files were sent out of our computer. Data should include the full path of the file, date and the time of submission, hash value of the file (I guess based on SHA256), if the submission was approved manually - then log also the name of the user who approved the submission, and the reason for submission

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I see now that the "Event" log section does log basic data about sample submitions like:


26/09/2022 18:12:42;ESET Kernel;File 'file.extension' was sent to ESET Virus Lab for analysis.;SYSTEM


This is of submission from the NOD32 quarantine, but as I noted - this is very basic info. I expect the app to let me know it was submitted by username X, and from the source of NOD32 quarantine.

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