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    BALTAGY gave kudos to Marcos in Deleting Ransomware Notes   
    Making the ransomware note undetected was already considered and pros substantially outweighted cons.
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to Marcos in RanSim test   
    It would be easy if ransomware actually worked like the simulator but since there are numerous ways how to encrypt files, actual malware usually works differently. Moreover, the simulator won't encrypt your own files plus it's relatively already widespread which are another factors that substantially affect detection.
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to itman in RanSim test   
    Finally when it comes to ransomware, you could just find yourself plain screwed.
    Such was the case last year when a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the Win's Encrypting File System; i.e. EFS, that would allow an attacker to deploy that to maliciously encrypt a target's files. Microsoft, as expected, initially "pooh-pooh" it but came to its senses and patched it. This one caused Eset and a whole bunch of other AV vendors to issue security advisories. Luckily, this one wasn't exploited in-the-wild.
    Ref.: https://safebreach.com/Post/EFS-Ransomware
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to Marcos in Advanced heuristics/DNA signatures   
    It's enabled for newly created and modified by default which is enough. Moreover, web access, email protection, startup scanner and idle-state scanner have it enabled by default too.
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    BALTAGY received kudos from jadinolf in Certificate Issues for Firefox 74.0 64bit   
    I did test v13.0 and v12 all of them have same problem in a clean system only ESET and Firefox

    But once i installed chrome it works fine

    I think ESET need to check it, maybe a module update is needed
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to itman in Files encrypted by ransomware   
    I have long argued that what is need is a "professional" version of Eset consumer products. For example, the above mentioned EES 7.2 aggressive option could be one feature provided. Another I would like to see is more aggressive reputational scanning options such as the ability to alert/block unknown non-system processes and the like. Etc., etc..
    To date, this has fallen "on deaf" Eset ears.
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    BALTAGY received kudos from SeriousHoax in Files encrypted by ransomware   
    I think learning machine and Ransomware Shield and Hips need to be improved

    I did test another one also with no alert from ESET
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to itman in HIPS problem   
    Join the club. I and many others have been asking for file wildcard capability for years.
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    BALTAGY gave kudos to stackz in HIPS problem   
    It should work if you change your specific files path to C:\Users\BALTAGY\Desktop\*.*
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    BALTAGY received kudos from Pete12 in update from 12.2.23 to 12.2.29   
    Once you finished the install and the enter key screen come up, go as above and disable app update first then use your key and update, you will only be noticed about a new version but it wont auto update
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