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  1. EIS Win10x64 I have a HIPs rule configured to ask for user space execution. The rule works as expected, but all allowed operations are erroneously logged as blocked.
  2. I know that here in Australia, I hadn't had an update from 23048 to 23049 for around six hours when I turned my PC off for the night. At that stage, 23049 had been listed at Virus Radar for quite some time. So I definitely think this was more wide spread than ESET realized.
  3. Microsoft seems to auto install the monthly .NET optional preview for all my installations and also for many other people (judging by the complaints on https://answers.microsoft.com/). If you're observing similar, then this has nothing to do with ESET.
  4. Would you prefer ESET to block you from logging on? As advised previously, turn off debug logging of blocked operations in the advanced HIPS setup. I suggest you submit a support request if you really think you are infected. Open the ESET GUI, click Help and support -> Submit support request.
  5. 1. no idea as I use ESET Internet Security which has web access protection 2. A scan is automatically run when installing the product 3. There's no password manager in ESET AntiVirus only in ESET Smart Security Premium.
  6. Win 10 version upgrade logs. Every Win 10 installation has the same unknown user.
  7. Yes, every user session the services will be created with a different hex number suffix.
  8. All those services are fine, they are just Windows 10 Per-user services: Per-user services in Windows 10 and Windows Server - Windows Application Management | Microsoft Docs
  9. Which browser is being used? I tested with Edge Chromium downloading a statement from my bank with no problems. Banking & payment protection module: 1206 (20201202)
  10. It uses the Cyren AMP engine and has an interface on par with a fakeav.
  11. Go to the following link and click on 'GET STARTED': https://eset.centercode.com/welcome/
  12. The beta was only taking 5 to 6 minutes to scan registry and WMI. I wonder what changed?
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