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  1. Go to the following link and click on 'GET STARTED': https://eset.centercode.com/welcome/
  2. FWIW the only time in Interactive mode that I get a UAC prompt is when I'm saving a rule.
  3. The beta was only taking 5 to 6 minutes to scan registry and WMI. I wonder what changed?
  4. To delete the registry value open an admin command prompt and enter: REG DELETE "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows" /v Load /f
  5. This forum is not a channel for disputing detections or url blocks. Please read How do I report a false positive or whitelist my software with ESET?
  6. Win 10x64 (1909) Edge Chromium 80.0.361.109 I have Edge Chromium set as the default browser (and yes it is definitely operating as the default browser). If I launch a protected browser either from ESET's gui or a desktop shortcut, ESET is launching Internet Explorer. If I navigate to a banking login URL in Edge Chromium, it does not redirect to a secured browser, it just proceeds as though Edge Chromium is an unsupported browser. I know B&PP was working in Edge but (for me) it ceased operating around Edge build 80.0.361.50 Any idea how I can get things working?
  7. Win 10x64 1909, pre release updates B&PP module 1181 This error seems to trigger when the secured browser closes. It's only been occurring since the module update to 1181. BTW Anyone got a secured browser working with Edge Chromium?
  8. Is the computer an HP? There seems to be an HP Support Assistant icon in the tray that is indicating a problem (the red exclamation mark). Is it that that is throwing the internet security message?
  9. Open the GUI and press Setup -> Computer protection -> Gamer mode
  10. I first used Nod32 back in about 2003. I remember clearly AMON, DMON and perhaps YEAHMON.
  11. I suspect that the website was temporarily having a problem and redirecting to an error page, that for some reason your browser was trying to open/save as an attachment. BTW if you viewed that badcountry page, you'd see it was plain text and said "gangnam style!"
  12. @itman I can confirm all your findings. Tested on Edge-Chromium, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  13. From help and support select 'Details for Technical Support' then toggle Advanced logging.
  14. It should work if you change your specific files path to C:\Users\BALTAGY\Desktop\*.*
  15. I solved it. The EsetOPPFirefoxProfile in "C:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\OPP" was corrupt and had to be rebuilt.
  16. Detection names are no longer a part of the information about engine updates. ref prior discussion: https://forum.eset.com/topic/20969-virusradar-signature-database-unclickable/?_fromLogin=1
  17. Win7 x64 EIS Firefox 70.0/70.0.1 Banking modules tested 1165/1166 When trying to open a secured browser, Firefox gets stuck on the Opening the secured browser page and after a while the Close Firefox message appears. Pressing the Close Firefox button has no effect. Launching B&PP from a shortcut results in the Close Firefox message.
  18. FYI, the last TCPView pic shows explorer.exe connected to Microsoft -
  19. Yes, Win 7x64 Sorry, I thought the module would be the same as released in regular pre-release update.
  20. B&PP Module 1161 Firefox 69.0.3 displays "The secured browser could not be started" with error code 0x847694e3 IE11 just gets stuck on the "Opening the secured browser" page note: I'm on the beta so I can't revert to regular release modules.
  21. It seems that your issues stem from you having two anti-virus installed, AVG and Eset. You need to uninstall one or the other in order to avoid conflict.
  22. That particular rule is checked in my installation. Seeing as it's a built in rule, I'd expect it to be checked by default. Edit: I just reset all rules to default and that rule is definitely checked.
  23. There's a discussion at CodeProject re 7g6njejx.com linking the popup to ExpressVPN. refer to: https://www.codeproject.com/Messages/5666747/Re-Hacked-by-Amazon.aspx
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