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  1. The file tries to supplant a beta version of Filmora but it's not really it. Example videos explaining:
  2. This virus steal youtube live stream links. Several youtubers have been victims. Wondershare Filmora v11 (beta).zip
  3. Actually it's detected as "A Variant Of Win32/Packed.CAB.I Suspicious", but when the thread was opened almost no antivirus was detecting it.
  4. Is it possible to completely eliminate it once I've been infected?
  5. Then why it's not listed here on NOD32 section? https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d3c9039f321e8b5efd8f6590cfab916e09803a6022c5cb1d9db4e373da16785b/detection
  6. This is a new trojan not recognized yet by Eset. Acronis-True-Image-255132010-Crack-Incl-Keygen-2021_5fbc14fd2d767.zip
  7. On this website hxxp://www.foldermove.com/
  8. Finally uninstalled ESET Internet Security and installed ESET NOD32 Antivirus. Such a pain in the asss.
  9. The Firewall log doesn't show anything when trying to access from the other computer. Disabling it from Pause firewall (allow all traffic) works instantly.
  10. Yes, router is my computer is and the other VNC works perfectly and other apps.
  11. I don't know how to add an ip range to that. I hate the fuking Eset firewall is a pain in the aass.
  12. I have several folders shared with Windows 10, but can't access them from other computers unless I disable the Firewall. How can I change this unwanted behavior?
  13. On this website: hxxp://www.poweriso.com/download.php Click on Download PowerISO v6.9 (64-bit) hxxp://www.updatedeliverybundles.com/YWJSZRgE4xYugFIwHdSNo66vWzq37ATgCbyXU6RWLhOsh6C2fwTcVI3RPqefOjlWbQi2I7w9p6_xm4dGNHrKnIOkTmF9NnT3tHblmyZGREvdv8eeKDBKIBbQxS9pcpaoMK69BssLLjuqMqBRexOx4D8FUu16kU0Ypv31nEwJYpxDm5hvaZQ=-G1EAAGTcXGs0k8TI8vu6O2zAgVOZBGQD4LAxdq7gcRc1FhTqzuEX4o7biytTqARslx9zQihkSqhKQK0oVUTpsQLTzs3nP3OCeT_711A=-e
  14. On this website for example it is blocking good images: hxxp://www.tdt1.com/imagenes/canales/logogol.jpg
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