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  1. So it's because is not digitally signed when Themida is in place?
  2. Would like to totally disable ESET Internet Security like if were uninstalled, I've seen the option to disable until next reboot and all of that, but I want to persist across reboots. Any way to officially do it or is not possible?
  3. I understand that websites can provide malware downloads, but just a shortcut shouldn't be to blame, unless the shortcut itself install some malware or does something tricky on the system. Does it? Does the shortcut hack the registry or install "something"? Because looks like has more bytes than the shortcut should have.
  4. Would make sense just to be able to exclude files by its MD5 or SHA1 or whatever it needs to be done.
  5. I feel a little bit overwhelmed by ESET Internet Security At certain points I feel like it wants to take control of my computer and overstep its function as a managed malware engine. For example, with some files, and happened to me a few, there's no way to exclude them from scanning, directly on Quarantine interface. Looks like wants me to force to exclude folders, but if I move the files will be removed without user consent. Why is this happening and when is ESET stop pushing it too much? I want to antivirus to do what I am told not the opposite. Coming from this thread:
  6. A Windows shortcut to an URL is detected as "LNK/Agent.CH trojan 1" on my ESET Internet Security However VirusTotal detection is none: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/cba004a4a9bc884ba1ba002b7a45c43823b75de1e23c19d1c840ada8dff61ab9/detection What is going on here? Anybody can take a look at the file? Also, the option "Restore and exclude from scanning" is greyed out. It happened to that several times already, why can't I just whitelist some files? SadeemPC.com_URL.zip
  7. Apparently Themida is a anti-cheating protector, not a virus. Can you shed some light on the matter? https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/win32-packed-themida.184840/ I don't want Eset taking control of my computer just because.
  8. The results Eset show are very different on VirusTotal and when it's installed on my pc. The version of Eset Internet Security on VirusTotal looks unrelated or unofficial.
  9. want to know if it is a virus or not. For me works to do the job. VAG-K+CAN Commander.zip
  10. Another version 600d4df02d5d7_Total-Commander-Crack-951-With.zip
  11. The file tries to supplant a beta version of Filmora but it's not really it. Example videos explaining:
  12. This virus steal youtube live stream links. Several youtubers have been victims. Wondershare Filmora v11 (beta).zip
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