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  1. @taquionbcn can you please check if parent registry key Av and Fw have correct permissions? Can you also try to enable inheritance?
  2. According to provided PML we know what causes this access denied. It is wscsvc failing to open these registry keys on read/write disposition HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Provider\Av\{885D845F-AF19-0124-FECE-FFF49D00F440} HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center\Provider\Fw\{B066057A-E576-007C-D591-56C163D3B33B} @taquionbcn can you please check the permissions for these registry keys? Both of these keys should inherit permissions from Av and Fw keys respectively. On my virtual machine it looks like this for Av and similarly for Fw.
  3. When you click on the switcher there is a dialog where you choose if you want to pause it for some time this way it should always get to Snoozed state. Only way how to get Defender to kick in is if you uncheck Enable Real-time file system protection in Advanced setup. Either way if one of those actions is reflected in Windows Security Center UI, there might be a possible workaround around this error.
  4. @itman Do you also have issues with integration into Windows Security Center? Does your ESET Event log contain any errors regarding Windows Security Center? If so please provide aligned Advanced logs and Process Monitor log.
  5. That should not be necessary to reinstall whole operating system. Did you try to change the state of Real-time file system protection? If the state changes in Security Center UI like on image below it means we can do something in Security Center integration module to workaround this error.
  6. @itman according to those screenshots it looks like everything is fine. Meaning that we are registered and active provider, but the system is consistently returning ACCESS_DENIED.
  7. As I am looking at your images it seems that it works, but we are getting that error. That is really strange. Go to Setup -> Computer Protection -> click on the switcher next to Real-time file system protection and check if it gets updated inside Windows Security Center UI.
  8. So these WMI errors are unrelated to the issue. Is your computer in domain? If yes are there some group policies set for blocking some local RPC communication? Also can you share screenshot of Windows security center? We also need Process Monitor log to check why it might be failing. Best would be if it was aligned with Advanced logging (same steps as before).
  9. From provided logs I can tell that system returns us 0x80070005(ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED) on both Antivirus(ESET Security) and Firewall(ESET Firewall) providers. This is confirmed also by Windows Application Event log. Possibly interesting might be that in Windows Event log there are some WMI errors 0x80041010 Error Invalid class for our process. Can you please check WMI: press Windows + R and type WMIMGMT.MSC right click WMI Control (Local) and select Properties check if it connected successfully similar to image below, in case of errors please share the screenshot
  10. Hi @taquionbcn, Your issue is that we are failing to update status due to some issue in system. Please follow these steps: - enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Details for customer care - wait few moments - disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and supply the generated archive.
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