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  1. Marcos, thanks for your reply. Its about internet security (Wich is and was stated in the topictitle*wink) Thanks for your product and productfeatures information, but reasons to upgrade are not our issue. I selected the "No marketing switch" that is the point of this topic, as i don't want (any) software to overrule my settings concerning advertising and certainly not my security software and ..on my desktop. How intrusive can one get it? Given time i would need an adblocker for my internal processes 😃 Had to edit my message alas. Our IT advisor just replyed me telling me im not allowed to provide information on this forum and we should contact Eset customer support directly. Have a good Sunday and thanks again! This topic may be deleted, its solved.
  2. Marcos thanks for your reply. ... No alas, i did not make a screenshot, it was a common Eset rectangle in the right lower corner, the usual place for notifications. It was a short advert about upgrading to smart security, i noticed as i had seen the same adverts in my email, wich made me consider the need for smart security but in don't need those extra's. Think if it's not a common fault we let it be, nothing occured since. Thanks. Peteyt, Thank you for your reply too! .. Yes, most probably but not 100% sure, So could well be. Alas no scenario te be easily recreatable, Perhaps the best thing is to keep it in mind for future reference. But the contribution stands , thank you for that. If it reoccurs it will be a bug to report. I had the twitch on my eye triggered in remembrance off all the software that has gone down on us, as in - betrayed their users-and i reall appreciate Eset sofar so i was like calling out to you all inhere paniking. hehehe. so far so good. This topic might as well close as solved, it probably has low value.
  3. (Eset internet security user) Dear friends, just today i recieved advertising for smart security upgrading on my desktop. Disable marketing is set in settings. This is a bug? Must say im allergic for this kind of practices if they are intendend. have a great day!
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