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  1. Today i saw my EIS uploading something to eset servers 2 times, i didn't save the first IP but the second is tsm12.eset.com I see the second is related to Live Grid but i don't have infected files in my quarantine First time it was 53MB upload and the second about 63MB I never seen eset uploads this size before ? My EIS is v11.2.49
  2. I'm using UBlock with Adguard filters on Firefox and Chrome along with ESET, All working fine here
  3. Here's another BSOD reports from Adguard https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows/issues/2246
  4. I think it's a good idea to give an option to turn off the alert since some users use another programs to do that part Also AdGuard have a windows version that check HTTPS too

    AV Comparatives May 2018

    I don't understand!! If you have a free Antivirus and you believe it's 100% protection why bother with paid Antivirus like ESET and keep posting that ESET is bad in tests ?!! There's no such a thing is 100% protection or 100% performance, If the test said ESET 100% i will tell you it's a lie I can simply get some samples that will show these Antivirus programs as 0% protection or maybe i will make it 65%