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  1. Perhaps not. But then, when a website displays properly, I would have no reason to. Thanks.
  2. And yet: If there are no issues, surely Mozilla would state that this certficate issuer is a trusted issuer. <shrug>.
  3. No change, itman. I had, rather sneakily, deleted the old ESET certificates from the Trusted Root Certification Authorities -> Certificates, and when I checked in ESET and compared it with the one left in the store, they both have the same expiry dates and thumbprint. And the ESET certificate is still not recognised by Mozilla. Perhaps ESET should have a chat with Mozilla, since although all seems to be working properly, it would be preferable to have a certificate which is recognised by Mozilla. As far as I'm concerned, at least I am not alone in this, but unless anyone knows a registry hack/work-around, it is, for me, end of the story. Many thanks for your input, itman, Marcos & SeriousHoax
  4. No, it is not a typo! In fact this morning it has already updated Also: Internet protection module: 1388.1 (20200219) And as itman mentioned, my Firefox version is also now ver. 74.0.1. And yet: So it appears it is a Mozilla/Firefox issue, not ESET after all.
  5. I'm still on 13.1.20 and ESET will not update any furth tonight - will try again later tomorrow, or wait for April 6th & the new licence. Time will tell (at least I hope it will!).
  6. I managed to install the certificate in Firefox, through ESET, and it appears to be working, but the Internet Protection Module is only 1388.1, dated Feb 19th. My licence will auto renew on April 6th, so perhaps it will be updated then. I ran update again, but will have to check after restart for module update.
  7. Thanks, itman; that was probably the cause of the problem. Many thanks.
  8. Thanks, itman, Well, I'll see when the licence is renewed. I wonder whether it is safe to delete the older certificates? I don't see why it should cause any issues, as long as Firefox is closed and ESET isn't trying to update.
  9. Have done as you suggested, itman, screenshot below. Does the fact matter that I have three certificates from ESET, and none are as recent as yours? I should mention that I have a current licence of ESET, due to be renewed, within the next week I think, so presumably will get an updated certificate.
  10. Well, that has worked, thank you Enrico. For some odd reason the Add the root certificate etc. setting had been switched off - perhaps in one of the regular updates! At any rate, it all seems to work now. Mind you, I've only tested a couple of troublesome webites, but the certificate now appears in the Firefox's Authorities certificate store. Thanks again
  11. It seems that once the security.enterprise_roots.enabled is created, Firefox automatically locks it - you'll from my screenshot that my set-up is the same. So no I don't know why this is happening Also ESET's certificate does not appear in the Firefox's Authorities certificate store, so I could delete it. It may be why I'm having this problem? I also cannot find ESET's certificate in the Program Files or ProgramData folders, so wonder if it is included in a DLL? Thanks for the input, but still no solution.
  12. How do I import ESET's certificate? I can see it when I inspect Page Info, but the only option appears to be to download the pem file. And would this fix the broken websites like those in the BBC domain list?
  13. Thanks Marcos, I notice that I have already created this value, and set it to 'true' - I can't remember when I did this, but it may have been early last year. But this problem still remains
  14. I am finding that Firefox 74.0 64bit (& some earlier versions too), do not recognise the certificate issued by ESET & this seems to cause broken websites in, e.g. the BBC Channels & pages domain. I wondered whether others are having this problem, and whether ESET has submitted its certificates to Mozilla yet. BBC.com etc., usually hides images in particular, but also video links. I have granted the websites all the necessary permissions, but I get "Connection verified by a certificate issuer that is not recognised by Mozilla." Any ideas?
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