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  1. >Malwarebytes Anti-exploit premium You mean the beta or the full suite?
  2. Quick question since I was curious. @senna What is your opinion about http scanning? Since I feel the argument you have made can in part apply to it as well.
  3. @GrammatonClerick Were you able to resolve the issue? There was a report of BSOD at the Adguard forum. https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/latest-update-is-causing-netio-sys-bsod-on-windows-10-nt.29089/ The poster stated to also use ESET.
  4. Btw, AdGuard should be compatible with ESET’s HTTPS scanning From AdGuard version history version 6.1.331.1732 [Fixed] Compatibility with KIS/ESET #1565 Adguard used to have compatibility issues with such antivirus software like Kaspersky and ESET. Users had to seek for compromises: disabling SSL scanning in antivirus, disabling WFP driver or even HTTPS filtering in Adguard. The core of the problem was the WFP network driver incompatibility, and we had had plans to develop a new driver for what now seems like an eternity. We'd already claimed to have this fixed in the previous releases, but things turned out to be more complicated. We've come through countless iterations, test builds, and driver updates, and now we are confident enough to say that this time the problem is fixed for real. No more BSODs and other funny stuff when you run Adguard alongside with KIS or ESET.
  5. 1- https://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/news/security-of-html5-may-not-live-up/ 2 - https://martechtoday.com/media-trust-warns-of-malware-in-html5-ads-217292?utm_src=ml&utm_medium=textlink&utm_campaign=mlxpost "One of the most problematic characteristics of the way in which HTML5 malware is delivered, Olson said, is that it is taking advantage of “obfuscated code” populating HTML5 ads. This obfuscation, he said, is “like a kind of encryption,” used by many legitimate developers to keep their software tricks from competitors. But that “makes it extremely difficult to understand” and to find the delivery mechanisms used to carry the malware."
  6. @FeMaster You can do the following: Setup > advanced setup > firewall > advanced > IDS and advanced options > allowed services > Allow Metro applications
  7. Would the following be applicable in this case? Exporting settings before reinstalling or is it not recommended to do so?
  8. Windscribe -Free for Windows OS and iOS. Unlimited devices -Free offers 10gb which resets every month. -You can find vouchers on giveaways to increase it to 50-60 gb - You can also find good deals for a lifetime license. - They also offer an extension with adblocking and tracker blocking Here you can see comparisons between Windscribe and other well-known VPNs https://windscribe.com/promo/compare Which one I wouldn't use? - Hotspot Shield
  9. Both services work differently, according to the developer. https://malwaretips.com/threads/are-hybrid-analysis-reports-trustworthy.45002/#post-385766
  10. My point was that, it is perfectly reasonable for a user to discuss a test if that was the point of the topic. In the end that means that people will compare the results among each vendors, because well that was the point of the test, wasn't it?
  11. If an user isn't allowed to discuss ESET's results then moderators might as well remove every single AV testing thread. Be it professionally, like AV-test, or not like YouTube testers. That would be fair. Guys, do remember that not all criticism is bad. I can understand you all like ESET and believe those people do so as well. They want ESET to be the best it can be. Internet trolls do exist. But just because someone says something you don't agree with doesn't make them a troll.
  12. From this thread https://forum.eset.com/topic/14195-hips-doesnt-block-unknown-keyloggers/
  13. The first post says "I am amused that Smart Security didn't block it. I've set HIPS mode to interactive"
  14. Improve compatibility with SUA accounts. Discussion (And how reproduce issue): https://forum.eset.com/topic/12197-is-eset-compatible-with-standard-user-accounts/?do=findComment&comment=61708 Thanks
  15. I don't have ESET installed so I can't test properly right now. However when I had ESET installed, I did disabled that setting to see if it helped. It didn't.
  16. Can you or anyone else do the following? Might be best to test on Windows 10 x64 Latest version to be sure. 1. Go to a SUA account 2. Make sure UAC is at default (Which should be "Always notify", the highest setting) 3. Get an alert from ESET either HIPS or Firewall 4. Click Yes on the alert, and make sure rules are created. 5. You should get an UAC prompt at that time. Click "No". If I recall in this scenario, ESET states rules couldn't be created or something similar.
  17. Currently, I'm not using ESET, but wanted to know the answer to this question. Is it possible to use ESET on a SUA account without UAC prompts? Other security softwares, like Emsisoft, have no problem with configurations and rules on SUA accounts. However ESET (in interactive modes) constantly prompts UAC.
  18. Other AV vendors have already developed their own browser. Qihoo, though theirs is more aim at the chinese userbase. And Avira, which developed Avira Scout based on Chromium. Don't recall any others.
  19. In case you weren't aware. A beta version of Adguard was released that apparently fixed the issue with ESET https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/adguard-ad-blocker.342850/page-81#post-2648358 Though now users have to wait until it is deemed stable.
  20. A beta version of Adguard was released that fixed the compatibility issue with ESET. https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/adguard-ad-blocker.342850/page-81#post-2648358 " [Improved] WFP driver was updated to fix compatibility issues with KIS and ESET #1497Previously, it was not unusual at all that Adguard would have compatibility issues with some antiviruses, and KIS and ESET being the most common ones. The workarounds existed but were far from ideal - you had had to sacrifice some parts of functionality on either Adguard or antivirus side. With updated WFP driver these conflicts will be no more, allowing users to run Adguard alongside with KIS and ESET. "
  21. Malware would easily avoid this by injecting into legitimate processes, such as svchost.exe. But isn't automatic mode(default) also vulnerable to that?
  22. New setting for firewall Smart mode: Allows all connections from processes that LiveGrid determines as safe or fine. And prompts for those that LiveGrid considers unknown
  23. I noticed that on my admin account if a disable the setting at setup > advanced setup > user interface > access setup > require full administrator rights for limited administrator accounts. Then I don't get UAC prompts if I change settings. What I want to know is. Is it possible to make that setting work for Standard User Accounts on Windows 10? Cause even when that setting disabled I get UAC prompts when attepmting to change some settings Note: UAC is at max in both accounts
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