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  1. I was using uBlock Origin previously, but it didn't seem to help. Site seems to work now, so it seems like something has been changed that has corrected whatever the problem NOD32 was having.
  2. From what I understand, it's just the ads on the site that are contaminated, not the site itself. Remove the ads, remove the contamination is my thinking.
  3. I've been trying to use a website that ESET Internet Security has started blocking since August 30th. ESET says "Threat: JS/Adware.Agent.AC application" which from what I've read on other forum posts, seems to be due to a website using ExoClick ads. I figured that blocking ads with AdBlocker would solve the problem and let me access the site, but I still can't access it. Is there a way I can block whatever it is on that website that ESET has a problem with so I can access it again? No idea if the website's admin will ever fix the issue.
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