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  1. I am using Brave browser but the with BPP it is set to Firefox. @Marcos After disabling "Protocol Filtering", I am not able to open BPP itself. On clicking BPP icon, ESET opens with Red warning.
  2. Please find below the screenshot of one bank site: I am surprised that till version everything was fine but now BPP is of no use to me. Nothing working.
  3. American Express is only one of the them. Other banking sites are also not opening and for few "Add to Exception" option itself is not available. There is no way to use BPP for financial transactions now. With previous version of BPP, I was able to open all banking sites.
  4. Here are a couple of screenshots: (1) In my original post, I mentioned about "Module update in progress" message appearing on system tray even when the scan is running. (2) Yesterday Internet Security got upgraded to I have a scheduled task of Windows System folder scan after each update. Now here you notice the flaw. When ESET IS was applying upgrade and updating, it should have postponed the scheduled scan but it didn't. The upgrade and scan ran together.
  5. After the recent upgrade of ESET IS to, all my banking and credit card sites have stopped working with certificate error. Previously, I always used bpp browser to run such sites.
  6. I created a task in Scheduler. This task is executed after each update. When update is complete and scan starts, it is still showing "Module update in progress". I will capture screenshot and post.
  7. I have scheduled a scan for few folders immediately after each update. When update is running, the system tray icon shows "Module update in progress". But even after update is complete and scan is going on, the system tray icon shows "Module update in progress", when you hover mouse over it.
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