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  1. Does the issue go away after: - pausing protection modules? - disabling HIPS and rebooting the machine? - temporarily uninstalling ESET?
  2. Strange because we blocked the pirated update server. The facts that you somehow purchased ESET in Iran and the update server doesn't belong to ESET suggest that you've paid for a cracked version. We'll test updates from the said server and make sure they are blocked.
  3. You can find it in an Endpoint policy here:
  4. EFSL was not tested with an on-demand scan being called from php so it's not a supported scenario. You could open a ticket with your local ESET support so that they inquire devs about such possibility.
  5. We do not provide description of the ESMC database since it may change with each future version of ESMC. We recommend using API for this. Please contact your local ESET support for details.
  6. If the firewall is paused, the client will appear with a warning. In client details you can find out what happened: Make sure that there is no policy with these firewall statuses set to be not send to ESMC:
  7. ESMC 7.2.11 consists of the following components (https://support.eset.com/en/kb3690-which-version-of-eset-remote-administrator-or-eset-security-management-center-server-and-related-components-do-i-have) ESMC 7.2.11 Component Operation System Component Version Agent Linux 7.2.2233.0 macOS 7.2.3261.0 Windows 7.2.1266.0 Migration Tool Windows Migration Assistant Windows Mirror Tool Linux 1.0.2109.0 Windows 1.0.1149.0 Mobile Device Connector Linux 7.2.5197.0 Windows 7.2.4187.0 Rogue Detection Sensor Linux 1.1.615.1 Windows 1.1.693.1 Server Linux 7.2.2233.0 Windows 7.2.1266.0 Apache HTTP Server with HTTP Proxy Windows Apache Tomcat Windows 9.0.35 WinPcap Windows 4.1.3 Web Console Platform-independent Remote Deployment Tool Windows
  8. Obviously a crack was applied so updates from the pirated server won't work. Unfortunately we do not sell to Iran but you can uninstall ESET, install it from scratch and activate a 30-day trial version.
  9. The first statement suggests that Windows gets stuck while starting and that you can't can't do anything but do a hard reset or physically turn it off. Is that correct? Or the system starts but becomes completely or partly unresponsive? You assumed that it's startup scans that cause the issue. Did you confirm it by temporarily disabling the startup scan tasks? You can uninstall ESET like any other applications, depending on what OS you have. Basically you go to the Control panel - Add or remove programs or Settings -> Apps on Windows 10 and select ESET to uninstall. Failing this, you can use Did you contact technical support via https://www.eset.com/za/? The website of the South African partner is in English and you purchased your license in SA so I don't see any reason why it should change to a different language. Startup scans should have no effect on uninstallation. To temporarily disable startup scans, go to Tools -> More tools -> Scheduler.
  10. You can click the cogwheel icon next to the desired dynamic group and select "Apply sooner" as long as the option is available:
  11. Version 9 is an old one and is the latest one with support for Windows XP. On the other hand, v13.2 is the latest version for Windows. For Linux the latest is the legacy version 4.0.95.
  12. A license becomes valid as of the date of the purchase, not as of the date you enter it in the license manager. An ESET products gets activated when you enter your license key in the activation window, however, this doesn't affect the date of license expiration.
  13. I see, the latest version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux desktop is 4.0.95. While it's a legacy product, it can detect malware detected by the on-demand scanner in newer products for Windows. That said, if a detection was created for a malicious browser plug-in, it would be detected by EAV for Linux too.
  14. Does the client connect directly to the Internet or through a proxy? Is the Internet connection properly configured in the agent's policy? If so, could you create a Wireshark log with the network communication captured on a client after you send a software install task from ESMC?
  15. We have not released an uPCU application update for Endpoint yet. It should be ready for release after the upcoming update of ESMC in Q4/20. It's possible that the mirror tool will require an update to support uPCU.
  16. ESET NOD32 Antivirus v4 is an ancient product which cannot protect you sufficiently against current threats. Please uninstall it and install the latest ESET NOD32 Antivirus version 13.2 or v9 if you are using Windows XP and cannot upgrade to a fully supported operating system.
  17. If you are getting sync issues becasue G Suite writes data to email on the mail server and the ESET plugin on the client, you can disable the email client protection. If you receive email via POP3(S) or IMAP(S), it will be scanned by ESET and just antispam won't work.
  18. Please elaborate more on the issue that you are having with the Outlook client. How does it manifest?
  19. Chrome is supported. Try uninstalling it and installing from scratch.
  20. Could you please elaborate more on this? Why a web-based console is not acceptable for your servers? Nowadays everything moves to web/cloud due to many benefits that it provides. I've tried searching for a non-web remote admin console offered by competitors to no avail. ERAv5 is most likely one of the remaining gui consoles for AV remote administration.
  21. We recommend switching to interactive mode, run Teams, create the appropriate rules and then switch back to automatic mode. Mac and Windows are different operating system and so are ESET products for Windows and Mac. It's not possible to compare them 1:1. Moreover, Teams might work and communicate differently on different OS.
  22. Unhackme is a potentially unwanted application. The PUA detection is optional. For more information what PUAs are, please read https://support.eset.com/en/kb2629-what-is-a-potentially-unwanted-application-or-potentially-unwanted-content. Since this forum is not a channel for disputing detections or blocks, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  23. Select ESET Management Agent in the list first.
  24. In automatic mode all non-initiated communication is blocked. If a server initiates a communication, you must create a permissive rule for it.
  25. In the window above you select your ESMC server. Unless you use more ESMC servers, only one should appear in the list.
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