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  1. If you come across unrecognized spam, you can report it to ESET. Blocking IP addrresses is possible only in mail server products, e.g. in the ESET transport agent for MS Exchange.
  2. The firewall troubleshooting wizard can be used only on clients. Before one runs it, the problem should be clearly defined so that the user knows what communication should be allowed.
  3. Did you purchase the license from an authorized seller or from Amazon, ebay, etc.? Please provide your public license ID.
  4. You'd need to uninstall v12.2 and install the v13 beta from the appropriate link received from ESET Centercode.
  5. I would also try disconnecting the machine from network to rule out that somebody else is controlling your machine from a remote pc,e.g. using a legitimate remote admin tool. As itman wrote, we need to know what threat or application was detected in order to advise further.
  6. Does the issue manifest all the time or only sometimes? Does temporarily pausing real-time protection make a difference? If so, please provide a Procmon log time when the issue is manifesting.
  7. We are not aware of any VPN related issues. If you know of any, please post links or describe the issue(s) in detail. Also make sure to report them to your local customer care with step-by-step instructions how to reproduce them. We are not a VPN provider so the problems could easily lie in the VPN you use. Therefore each issue has to reproduced and analyzed before concluding that it's issue on ESET's end. Moreover, we nowhere declared compatibility with particular VPNs. Basically there should be no issues; we too have used VPN in tandem with ESET for years.
  8. ESET should have no effect on displaying icons.
  9. Basically there shouldn't be issues except that ESET will not be able to detect untrusted certificates and this will need to be handled by the firewall. Also my understanding is that you won't be able to make SSL exclusions based on the certificate used.
  10. What ESET product / version and email client does the user use? What protocol is used to download email from the mail server? Does temporarily disabling protocol filtering or integration with the email client make a difference?
  11. Just to make sure, isnt't ESET Endpoint already installed with some extra antiransomware HIPS rules in place?
  12. Please contact samples[at]eset.com as suggested above. This forum is not a place for disputing detections and blocks.
  13. ESET is not a .Net application so the issue shouldn't be related. Since EFSW 6.4 is quite old, we'd recommend upgrading to the latest 7.1. Among others, it's brought Ransomware shield as a new feature.
  14. It's better to prefer update via http proxy to using a mirror. 1. The amount if data downloaded with each update is much lower (typically kB or few MBs compared to dozens of MBs downloaded by the mirror) 2. Streamed updates are cached by http proxy unlike mirror. This gives you even better coverage of new borne malware. If you must use a mirror, use update via http. When updating via shares, you must specify an account with read permissons on clients.
  15. I guess there could be so many records in the db that the load request fails. Try shrinking the time range to 1 day and then to 1 week, if needed
  16. No problem here. Have you tried connecting through a different ISP?
  17. Do you have another anivirus or other security sw installed that could prevent drivers from loading?
  18. You'll need to configure the proxy both in qgent and Endpoint policies
  19. I recall we've been reported the error just once in history. You can try clearing update cache in the advanced setup or uninstall and then install ESET from scratch. If you want to troubleshoot it further, raise a support ticket with your local support.
  20. As long as https filtering works and a particular website or url or certificate is not exckuded and antiphishing is enabled,there's no reason why it wouldn't work
  21. Since I'm currently with a limited connectivity, I can't check if OS update is supported via advanced ecmd commands. Nevertheless, if clients report to the ESMC server, you can send a client task to update the OS from ESMC.
  22. Sounds like DGA typical for malware and ad domains, the latter are quite common nowadays. I have limited connectivity and options this week but I hope that other knowledeable users will be able to provide more information, if needed.
  23. As far as I know, our Insider program members get a license too.
  24. As long as a supported email client is used, ESET antispam should filter phishing email.
  25. So that's the reason why the files in question were not detected before.
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