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  1. The issue was reported to developers. I was able to reproduce the same with 1903, 1909 is no different in terms of this issue.
  2. Please post a screen shot of where you see that both AVs are running.
  3. If temporarily pausing the firewall makes a difference then deploying agent may not be possible since it would mean that the firewall is blocking certain incoming communication.
  4. Do you mean a system with ESET Endpoint Antivirus or ESET Endpoint Security which also contains a firewall?
  5. As stated in Please read this before you post : Do not report blocked websites After cleaning a website from malware and taking measures to prevent further re-infection, request a re-check as per the instructions in the FAQ. This forum does not serve as a channel for requesting website re-check or disputing blocks or detections. Since the malware has been removed, the website will be unblocked.
  6. It'd be good to know if the issue occurs also if you schedule the scan task locally and not via a policy.
  7. Did you schedule the task via a policy or directly on a client? To my best knowledge, EP 7.2 has some fixes for issues with starting tasks. Please raise a support ticket with customer care so that the issue can be investigated by developers.
  8. Yes but it won't help in case of malicious documents. There's not much sense in using delayed updates. ESET is known for having least false positives and the risk of getting infected by new malware is much bigger that the chance of encountering a serious FP with regular updates. For bigger clients we also offer an additional service ESET Dynamic Threat Defense which analyzes suspicious files in a cloud sandbox environment, provides the result back to the client and shares the result with other machines in the organization. For instance, EDTD enables ESET Mail Security on MS Exchange server to hold emails with suspicious attachments for a while until the attachment is evaluated by EDTD and then the appropriate action is taken on the attachment or email.
  9. It appears that the Configuration engine module didn't update to v1811.6 for some reason. Do you update from ESET's update servers? Directly or trough a proxy server? Please provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector. Then try switching to the pre-release update channel in the advanced update setup and click ok. You can terminate the update process and switch back to the regular update channel. Let us know if the version of the Configuration module changes.
  10. What operating system do you have installed on the server? ESET NOD32 Antivirus (v13) is intended for consumers. In a business environment, ESET File Security (EFSW) should be installed on the sever and Endpoint Security on workstations. EFSW looks a bit differently than Endpoint and consumer products.
  11. Thanks, I've reported it to the appropriate person.
  12. The website is not scanned by ESET. Please provide ELC logs as well as the file c:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Security\certCache.dat. Disabling protocol filtering would make it equal to not having ESET installed at all with regard to http(s) communication.
  13. You can disable keyboard protection as a temporary workaround and raise a support ticket with customer care.
  14. Couldn't it be that you are using a key scrambler or anti-keylogger? What browser do you use?
  15. The license was issued in India and was later canceled due to high overuse. We strongly recommend purchasing a license from authorized sellers.
  16. From what I have found, "Show more" should be removed in future versions of ESMC.
  17. Does it occur with any https website? If only with a particular site, what is the url?
  18. What version of the Configuration Engine module do you have? V1745.13 addressing the issue in this topic was released on Oct 30. If you have this version or 1811.6, the cause must be different and we'll need a complete memory dump from time when the system is unresponsive. For information how to configure Windows to generate complete memory dumps and generate one, please read https://support.eset.com/en/how-do-i-generate-a-memory-dump-manually.
  19. The cause of failure is "ESET Endpoint Security is no longer supported on your outdated version of Microsoft Windows". Please check the minimum system requirements at https://help.eset.com/ees/7/en-US/?sysreq.html: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1 with latest Windows updates (at least KB4474419 and KB4490628)
  20. Have you run into this issue on other days than today? Asking cause some users reported such issues today.
  21. For me sorting by status works. Make sure there is no number next to the arrow. As of ESMC 7.1, you can define primary, secondary and tertiary sorting which is indicated by numbers 1,2,3 respectively. In such case, click the column title until the number disappears and records are sorted by the Status column:
  22. You can contact customer care via the built-in support form or via https://www.eset.com/it/support/supporto-home/.
  23. It doesn't matter. If you run the batch file, view it and make sure it contains a correct IP address of the ESMC server. Alternatively you can run the agent msi installer and enter ESMC server's IP address in the installation wizard.
  24. If necessary, reinstall or re-deploy the ESMC agent with a correct IP address of the ESMC server.
  25. Thank you, however, logs are not needed any more since. The issue was already analyzed and the only solution turned out to be to add utorrent.exe or bittorent.exe to performance exclusions or use an alternate client.
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