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  1. This was actually already answered in the Insider forum. The new feature will be included only in ESSP since it generates extra costs.
  2. With vacations in full swing, cybercriminals will be looking to scam vacationers looking for that perfect accommodation. Learn to identify these scams. Most people are fans of the convenience provided by online shopping, but some criminals uses this to lure clients into Amazon scams. Learn to detect these. Now that organizations are set to evolve a The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  3. Yes, raw files are legit update files. Also the folder 00 is expected in certain cases.
  4. 1, I assume that all features will be available except the phantom account. Without a phantom account it's quite possible that a possible thief will not keep the system turned on and thus Anti-theft may not be able to report information about the notebook. 2, Yes, a new system account with random letters is created when you enable Anti-Theft.
  5. Most people are fans of the convenience Amazon brings to online shopping, and that’s precisely what cybercriminals are betting on. The post Watch out for these scams, targeting Amazon’s customers appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  6. Does installing the latest not yet released version 14.2.23 from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/30-eset-security-14223/ make a difference?
  7. In the main app menu -> License -> Enter a license key you can enter the license key for the other license you have.
  8. Please check your personal messages for your U/P. I'd recommend contacting the seller and ask to convert this EAV license to EAV for Linux desktop license so that you are eligible to use the replacement product once the current legacy version of EAV for Linux desktop reaches EOL.
  9. You probably cannot check it on Linux directly but you'd see EDTD in client detains in the ESET PROTECT console:
  10. Please check if installing the latest version 14.2.23 (not yet released) makes a difference. You can download it from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/30-eset-security-14223/
  11. A workaround will be to enable the setting "Disable checking upon inbox content change" in future v8.x versions. There's currently a bug causing this setting not to work.
  12. I'm sorry but I can't answer it myself, will have to ask developers. I assume there's no connection with the update issue discussed in this topic even though you posted it here, isn't it?
  13. There are 30 vulnerabilities listed in total; organizations would do well to patch their systems if they haven’t done so yet The post Leading cybersecurity agencies reveal list of most exploited vulnerabilities of the past 2 years appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  14. Module updates are not that big. If ESET is updated regularly and no update is skipped, the current size of the engine update is 18 kB. If more than 20 updates are skipped, the size of the engine update is approximately 1,3 MB.
  15. Please upgrade to v14.2.23 downloadable from https://forum.eset.com/files/file/30-eset-security-14223 (EAV/EIS x64 only). The new build is going to be released in a few days and addresses several issues from the current version. Let us know if the problem with update has been resolved.
  16. Version 14.2.23


    ESET Security 14.2.23
  17. Correct. The said functionality is available with EDTD activated: If you haven't purchased EDTD yet, you can contact your local ESET distributor and ask for a trial license so that you can test it yourself before you purchase it.
  18. Do you have Window XP or Windows Vista clients? How many?
  19. Now that organizations are set to evolve a hybrid blend of home and office-based work for most employees, it is more important then ever to address the risks that insider threat can - willingly or unwitingly - pose. The post Tackling the insider threat to the new hybrid workplace appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  20. Yes, conflicts occur if a message is concurrently modified both on the server and a client which can happen if a message is viewed on multiple clients where it is modified by a plugin and then synced with the server. The bug related to the setting "Disable checking upon inbox content change" is going to be addressed in upcoming Endpoint v8.1 releases and probably will be backported to v8.0 too. Afterwards enabling the setting should get rid of the sync issues that you are experiencing.
  21. I've talked to a sales person for clarification. The conclusion was that you can purchase from Amazon and technical support will be provided by your local ESET distributor. If you purchase a new license from Amazon before your existing license runs out, it will become valid as of the date of activation on ESET's website after which you will receive a new license key that you will have to enter in the product activation window. In case of renewing the license, the process is seamless, the license key remains same and you don't have set up anything. However, a renewal cannot be purchased long in advance before the license is due to expire and have to be purchased through the renewal link shown in the product which will take you to the appropriate e-store.
  22. ESET doesn't sell at Amazon so whoever you purchase from at Amazon won't be able to merge the licenses. A seller can merge only licenses that were issued by him. It must be an authorized ESET partner with access to ESET's internal ordering system. If you buy a license it becomes valid as of the date of purchase so you should not buy long before the license is due for renewal. A renewal should be bought from the same seller; it's typically cheaper than a new license and ensures extension of your existing license without the need to reactivate the product with a new license key.
  23. There should be no problem merging two licenses providing that both were purchased from the same authorized ESET partner. Ie. it's not possible to purchase a license through www.eset.com and another one through Amazon and then merge them together. Moreover, by purchasing from an unauthorized seller you risk falling a victim to scam. Some sellers at ebay, amazon, etc. resell a 1-user license to several users which causes the license to be canceled.
  24. Twitter’s transparency report revealed that users aren’t quick to adopt 2FA and once they do enable it, they choose the least secure option The post Most Twitter users haven’t enabled 2FA yet, report reveals appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
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