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  1. Unfortunately it's not clear what you mean by "vulnerability protection scanning". Please clarify.
  2. It contains Network attack protection which is a kind of fifirewall.
  3. URL shortener services distributing Android malware – Week in security with Tony Anscombe The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  4. No problem We have separate subforums dedicated to particular products rather than subforums for IT professionals and novices. While all products are alike, there are differences also in internal behavior and therefore it's a good practice to post in the appropriate product subforum.
  5. https://help.eset.com/efs/8.1/en-US/update-mirror.html
  6. First of all, I would recommend posting in the appropriate forum for retail products since this forum is intended for Endpoint which works differently in certain aspects than the retail products. If you get the notification shortly after a reboot, continue as follows: - enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support - reboot the machine - avoid running applications that generate network traffic - wait until the notification appears - disable logging - collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide the generated archive.
  7. It should work. In case of problems, please open a support ticket with your local ESET distributor.
  8. Does the issue persist with the LiveGrid communication module 1111.2 which you have probably already received?
  9. Please generate an ekrn dump by navigating to Tools -> Diagnostics -> Create when you observe the issue. Then collect logs with ESET Log Collector and provide me with the generated archive for perusal.
  10. The Zero Trust architecture offers an increasingly popular way to minimize cyber-risk in a world of hybrid cloud, flexible working and persistent threat actors. The post Protecting the hybrid workplace through Zero Trust security appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  11. Do you have ESET Management agent installed on the server and is it reporting to the ESET PROTECT server?
  12. Looks like it takes long to enumerate drives. According to the logs you have the following removable drives: D:\ [removable] E:\ [removable] F:\ [removable] G:\ [removable] H:\ [cdrom] Does the issue occur even if no removable media is connected or vice-versa? Please carry on as follows: - temporarily disable Self-defense and reboot the machine - start logging with Procmon - click Computer scan - when the program crashes, stop logging - save the log, compress it and share it for me. Don't forget to re-enable self-defense and reboot the machine. For maximum protection I'd also recommend enabling the LiveGrid Feedback system as well as detection of potentially unsafe applications.
  13. Please provide: 1, EsetPerf.etl created after enabling advanced OS logging in the advanced setup -> tools ->diagnostics from an update when it "hangs". Is the system responsive at that point or you can only perform a hard reset? 2, An ekrn dump generated via advanced setup -> tools ->diagnostics -> Create when the update is "hung".
  14. If you don't plan to use the camera at the moment, choose Block. These notifications will be addresses in the upcoming service build 14.2.x.
  15. This forum is not intended for disputing blocks or detections. Since the malware has been removed, the website was unblocked but the applications will continue to be detected. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.
  16. To mitigate the chances of their Wi-Fi home routers being compromised, users would do well to change the manufacturer’s default access credentials The post Popular Wi‑Fi routers still using default passwords making them susceptible to attacks appeared first on WeLiveSecurity View the full article
  17. As of v14.2 update is run with the lowest cpu priority possible. In case of performance issues, please provide either a full memory dump from that point or create advanced OS log (adv. setup -> tools -> diagnostics) from update.
  18. There are no plans to make a browser extension showing website reputation. ESET already scans files and website content and blocks malicious or scam sites and detects and blocks malware coming from the Internet.
  19. You can send an ESET PROTECT component update task to the server or select "Update installed ESET products" after clicking "Server" on the dashboard.
  20. It's tracked as a bug. Most likely it will be fixed in the next version of Endpoint v8.1.
  21. Please provide logs from a machine where the error is reported as per the instructions in my post above. However, you have posted in a wrong forum; this one is intended for retail products ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium. A topic for Endpoint where this issue is discussed is at https://forum.eset.com/topic/28979-eset-endpoint-v81-livegrid-connection-problem.
  22. 1, How can I reduce the number of incidents reported in the ESET Protect (EP) console ? If you mean detections, then it depends what kind of detections is reported most. If it's malware detections, the recommended action is to clean all machines infected with malware. However, this should not be a typical case. 2, At what time or scenario can I recommend to a customer that they should use ESET Dynamic Threat Defense or ESET Enterprise Inspector ? We always recommend using EDTD. With EDTD, response to new threats is really quick; instead of dozens of minutes or hours you get a response in less than 5 minutes, if not instantly. Moreover, results of EDTD analysis are shared across the whole company so if another user encounters the same malicious file, it will be blocked immediately. EDTD also provides proactive protection which means that files downloaded from the Internet, received via email or executed from removable media are blocked until they are analyzed in EDTD. Without EDTD, files are run immediately and if they are evaluated as suitable for analysis they are sent to LiveGrid so that a detection can be added (ie. with a delay). EEI enables CSO or administrators to monitor the network for suspicious operations and proactively reduce the attack surface based on the data acquired. In case of a security incident it allows for tracking the infection or attack path to the origin.
  23. The ESET Internet Security license is intended for EIS for Windows. While it currently also allows to use the legacy version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux desktop, this will change in 1-2 years. If you don't plan to use ESET Internet Security for Windows and want to use ESET on 3 Linux systems, I'd recommend contacting your license seller and arrange a conversion of the license from EIS to ESET NOD32 for Linux desktop. This will enable you to use a replacement product when the legacy version reaches EOL next year. Until then, you can use the username and password which I'm gonna provide in a private message to update the legacy version.
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